• EF CTP4 Released! – The ADO.NET team announce the release of the latest Entity Framework Feature CTP, the 4th CTP release of this productivity and feature library which includes the Code First features. This release includes a significant number of new conventions and annotations for the Code first feature along with productivity improvements to make writing the code quicker and simpler
  • Albacore v0.2.0 Preview 1 Is Available – Derick Bailey announces the release of Albacore v0.2.0 Preview 1, an early preview of the new 0.2 release of this collection of Rake tasks specifically for building .NET systems using Rake. This release includes .NET 4 support, new configurations systems, and has also removed some of the tasks from earlier releases to provide a better focus for the project.
  • "Fake – F# Make" released – Bugfixes for CruiseControl.NET – Steffen Forkmann releases a new version of his F# Make tool. This version includes some improvements and bugfixes for integrations with CruiseControl.NET along with some improvements to the MSBuild task to increase the performance of multi project builds.
  • Veracity: The next step in DVCS – Eric Sink gives a pre-announcement of SourceGear’s new Distributed Version Control System, Veracity. This product implements the core DVCS features, along with a few new ones, and the core of the product will be licensed as Open Source via the Apache License, with the code being released next week (along with the formal announcement). SourceGear will also produce commercial add-on products.
  • Windows Phone Developer Training Kit – Beta Refresh – Yochay Kiriaty highlights the Updated Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit, updated for the new beta release



  • FubuMVC for ASP.Net MVC Devs at MVCConf – Jeremy D. Miller gives a taste of what will be in his mvcConf virtual conference session on FubuMVC. mvcConf is looking like it will be a great event, which now is ‘sold out’, however recordings of the sessions will be available for those who didn’t get to ‘attend’