• dotCover 1.0 Beta Released – JetBrains release the beta release of dotCover 1.0 their Code Coverage tool which integrates with Visual Studio and ReSharper allowing you to obtain code coverage information for test and standard code execution.
  • Firefox 4 Beta – Mozilla announce their beta program for Firefox 4, which includes a new User Interface, support for HTML 5 Video and WebM format HD video, new Add-on management and SDK, further support for CSS 3, an index database for client side code to use and crash protection, with still more features to be added soon.
  • ReSharper 5.1: Bug Fixes, Performance, XAML 2009 – JetBrains also announced the release of ReSharper 5.1 a bugfix and performance tuning update, improving memory management and integration within Visual Studio 2010, better Silverlight 4 support and the introduction of XAML 2009 support providing highlighting and quick fixes within the XAML lanaguage.


  • How WebMatrix, Razor, ASP.NET Web Pages and MVC fit together – David Ebbo talks about how the different components announced and released over the past week hook together and how they line up along with the more enterprise/professional products.
  • Great Ways to Learn jQuery – Marc Grabanski shares a huge collection of links to tutorials, books, presentations, screencasts, podcasts, training courses, and blogs which all contribute towards gaining an understanding of jQuery
  • IntelliTrace and unfamiliar code – Cameron Skinner takes a look at using IntelliTrace features to help you gain an better understanding how how a particular application works, and to enable you to find the code you need to put your breakpoints in for your actual debugging of problems.
  • What’s a nice class like TextFieldParser doing in a namespace like Microsoft.VisualBasic? – Brian Schroer takes a look at a useful looking class whic greatly helps in parsing delimited fields (like CSV) but is tucked away in a namespace that many developers will never look in.
  • Finding code in the MSDN Library – Margaret Parsons shares a few tips on locating sample code in the MSDN documentation and site
  • Thinking of Moving to the Cloud? Get Free Compute Time with Windows Azure – Joey deVilla highlights the current Windows Azure special offer to enable developers to experiment with Windows Azure with out incurring any initial costs. This offer lasts until 31st October 2010, and gives you a limited amount of compute, storage, SQL Azure and data transfer, with usage exceeding this to be charged at usual rates.
  • Microsoft MS-PL code in Mono – Miguel de Icaza talks about the number of Microsoft Libraries which are now licensed under the MS-PL or Apache licenses which allow their direct inclusion in the Mono Project, and discusses the Mono 2.8 release which will make MEF, OData, the DLR and ASP.NET MVC2 into first class citizens within Mono.
  • The Case of The Failed Demo – StackOverflowException on x64 – Bart De Smet explores recursion and stack overflows taking a look at samples in C# and F#, looking at the compiler optimisations available on x86 and x64, and looking at tail call optimisations. As is usual with Bart’s posts this is in detail, involves some IL, mighty interesting.
  • Unit Tests and LINQ Queries – K. Scott Allen looks into unit testing of LINQ Queries using fakes and doubles, and discusses how this kind of testing isn’t particularly good when dealing with remote query providers such as Linq to SQL, NHibernate, etc as they may interpret the operators differently.
  • How to use the MultiTouch Behavior for Windows Phone 7 – Laurent Bugnion shares some documentation and a tutorial video for his MultiTouch Windows Phone 7 behaviour, which is available along with source code on the CodePlex site.
  • Pragmatic Programmers Magazine – July 2010 – The Pragmatic Programmers share the July edition of their on-line magazine available in a variety of ebook type formats. This months edition focuses heavily on iPhone and iOS 4 Development, along with Ardurino and the usual columns.


  • Windows Phone User – First Meeting July 28th – The UK Windows Phone Usergroup announce their first meeting, to be held in London hosted by EMC Consulting at their London Offices and sees Paul Foster (UK Windows Phone 7 Evangelist) and Rob Fonseca-Ensor (who is currently writing ‘Windows Phone Development’ for Wrox) presenting.