• C# Fundamentals: The Joys and Pitfalls of Enums – James Michael Hare continues his back to basics series of articles with a look at the basic use of Enums as a replacement for Constants and also looks at a number of the common problems and mistakes that can catch you out.
  • Performance tuning tricks for ASP.NET and IIS 7 – part 1 – Mads Kristensen begins a series of posts looking at some of the options available in IIS 7 for improving the performance of your ASP.NET web applciations. This first part explores caching and compression.
  • Mercurial workflows: local development work – Jimmy Bogard continues his series of posts on workflows for Distributed Version Control Systems with a look at working with your local copy of the repository to allow you to perform a number of common tasks such as working on two things at once.
  • Configuring IIS6 for WebMatrix – Scott Forsyth runs through the setup required to get the new WebMatrix projects to run on the IIS6 Web Server, showing the part of the process that is unique to this version.
  • Sometimes, even jQuery can’t save you from yourself – Dave Ward tells the tail of a seemingly cross browser issue that jQuery did not protect him from, and how it actually was caused by a mistake in his HTML, highlighting some interesting differences in how different browsers handle incorrect markup.
  • Fun with VS2010 Ultimate: Comparing SQL Data – Zubair Ahmed explores some of the interesting features surrounding databases available in the Ultimate Edition of Visual Studio 2010 which allow you to compare data in databases and generate change scripts to make the records the same.
  • Editor fundamentals: Push vs. Pull – ‘noahric’ begins a series of posts talking about the design and extensibility of the Visual Studio Editor, in this post looking at the differences between the new editor and its previous version from the VS 2008 era, how the model changed from being a push model to a pull / event model.
  • Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Pt. 2 – Customizing The Bootstrapper – Rob Eisenberg continues his tutorial series on his Caliburn Micro MVVM framework with a look at the configuration of the Bootstrapper of the framework and its Inversion of Control Container integration.


  • Signup for MvcConf – Virtual ASP.Net MVC Conference – Eric Hexter announces the MvcConf Virtual Conference to be held on Thursday 22nd July between 8am and 5pm CDT. This event is a free community event focusing on ASP.NET MVC 2, and also looking towards the future of ASP.NET MVC with a number of well known names in the MVC space, along with some Microsoft product team members presenting.
  • NxtGenUG Fest10 – Friday July 16th in Bournemouth – Mike Ormond highlights the NxtGenUG’s Annual ‘Fest’ event being held in Brighton on Friday 16th July. This is an all day event which is free to attend for members of NxtGen, or £59 for non-members, and sees a packed agenda covering everything from Windows Phone 7 Development, to MEF, via Windows Azure and F#.
  • The jQuery Online Conference: Monday, July 12th – Everywhere! – Joey deVilla highlights the jQuery OnLine Conference, a virtual conference on Monday 12th July, with a $150 attendee fee which allows you to watch and interact with the 4 presentations, and also watch the sessions again later.