• Introducing IIS Express – Scott Guthrie announces the plans for IIS Express, a solution to the mismatch of development Web Server (ASP.NET Development Server and full IIS), combining the features of IIS with the ease of use of the Development Server. Scott runs through the current options, and talks about what will be in the IIS Express release
  • Announcing PostSharp 2.0 RC 2 – Gael Fraiteur announces the release of the second Release Candidate of Post Sharp 2.0. This release completes the documentation of the core library along with freezing the APIs. This release also includes a significant re-organisation of some of the API name spaces which does result in a breaking change to the API (although it should be quickly resolvable via search and replace)
  • PAL 2.0 Released – Ron Grzywacz highlights the release of PAL 2.0, the latest edition of the Performance Analysis of Logs tool. This release is a significant one, moving the core of the application from VBScript to PowerShell and .NET 3.5, and along the way removing the requirements for the Office 2003 web controls.
  • Silverlight PivotViewer Now Available – Scott Guthrie also announces the release of the Silverlight Pivot Viewer Control which allows developers to implement browsing and sorting of data in a visual way in their applications, giving a new and exciting way of visualising data.


  • Ad-hoc mapping with NHibernate – Jimmy Bogard looks at using the Alias to Bean Transformer in NHibernate to provide a means of mapping data to entities at runtime, illustrating with a bulk loading scenario.
  • NHibernate: Streaming large result sets – Ayende talk about using NHibernate for accessing large sets of data where you are only reading the data (like when creating reports), and shows how you can gain performance improvements by using the StatelessSession which does not track entities.
  • Using Fluent NHibernate With Legacy Databases – Rod Paddock looks at using Fluent NHibernate to provide mappings against legacy databases with unpleasant and inconsistent column names, showing a number of the features which allows flexibility in the mapping.
  • NHibernate 2nd level cache: Doing it wrong? – Mark Needham discusses some performance problems he has encountered using the NHibernate second level cache, and also discusses the use of implicit/explicit transactions when working with NHibernate.
  • Chrome Extension Development – Sergio Pereira explores HTML 5 and JavaScript, along with the Google Chrome Extensions API and sets about creating a Morning Brew extension for Google Chrome to bring you the latest instalment of (hopefully) your favourite .NET Link Blog.
  • Debugging Silverlight in Firefox 3.6.4 (and newer) – Oren Nachman shares a bit of useful information for anyone using the latest editions of Firefox (with the extension crash protection) to debug Silverlight applications, showing how to disable the time out detection so the Silverlight Plugin does not get killed when its at a break point.
  • How I understood monads, part 2/2: have we met before? – Bertrand Le Roy gives the second half of the story of how he understood the abstract concept of Monads, looking this time at a number of things which are monads that you may already be familiar with.
  • Announcing: The Redesigned MSDN Home Page and Hub Pages – Pete Brown’s – Pete Brown highlights the new MSDN Homepage design and structure. For viewers in the UK and other parts of the world, you may have to explicitly go to the en-us version of the site to see the new design (just change the locale in the URL).
  • Making USB C# friendly – Ashley Deakin takes a look at interacting with USB devices fro C# code, looking at using a simple buzzer device and the API methods required to interact with it.
  • How can we make WCF support in Silverlight better? – Yavor Georgiev of the Silverlight Web Services Team discusses a number of the pain points people encounter working with WCF services from Silverlight, and outlines some of the plans to resolve these issues in the next releases of Silverlight. Yavor also asks for feedback on any other areas of pain which they can look at addressing.
  • Make WCF Simpler – In a similar vein, Ron Jacobs highlights a survey from the WCF team which is gathering information to help them make WCF much easier to work with.
  • AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service Templates (C#/VB) – Ron Jacobs also highlights templates for C# and VB.NET to provide a base for implementing AppFabric based WCF services


  • Europe Virtual ALT.NET: Recording of Hamilton Verissimo on MEF @ E-VAN 28 June 2010 – Jan Van Ryswyck announces the availability of the session recording of Hamilton Verissimo’s European Virtual Alt.Net usergroup presentation on the Managed Extensibility Framework
  • Session voting for NHibernate Day is open – Simone Chiaretta announces the start of the voting to select the sessions for the second track at the NHibernate Day event to be held in Bologna on the 9th October 2010. This is your opportunity to shape the conference schedule, and If you havn’t already registered for the event there are still spaces available.