Most of this morning’s actual Morning Brew (coffee) ended up all over me – not a great start to the day (and quite messy too)



  • Smart Client – Building Distributed Apps with NHibernate and Rhino Service Bus – Oren Eini (AKA Ayende) has the first part of a two part article series on building distributed smart client applications using NHibernate and his Rhino Service Bus published in the July edition of MSDN Magazine, taking a detailed look at the difficulties of distributed applications, along with other aspects of their design.
  • Creating a Netflix App using nRoute: A Step-by-Step Guide – Rishi Oberoi takes a step by step loko at building a Silverlight application for NetFlix using their OData feed along with the latest release of his nRoute framework
  • RIA Services and Authentication – Part 2 (Using Roles) – Nikhil Kothari continues his series on RIA Services Authentication answering feedback for information on the use of Roles, and shows how they can be integrated into the BookClub application.
  • Debugging Data Bindings in a WPF or Silverlight Application – Karl Shifflett takes a look at data bindings in Silverlight, and looks at the things you can do to help your debugging of problems with late bound data binding
  • Fiddler’s New Import and Export Architecture – Eric Lawrence discusses the new Fiddler Import/Export architecture which allows for importing of traffic information from other tools, along with export functionality which brings a range of formats useful in a number of other tools straight out of the box, with the new architecture also making it easier to add new formats too.
  • Changes to the Microsoft Partner Program – Rob Farley, as the owner of a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner company discusses the changes to the Partner Program which will transform it into the Microsoft Partner Network, and also discusses the steps necessary to Get an Advanced Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network
  • AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service Walkthrough (C#) & (VB) – Ron Jacobs gives a run through in both languages of the creation of AppFabric enabled WCF Data services using the Visual Studio template he recently released for both C# and VB.NET
  • Dive Into HTML 5 – Joey deVilla highlights the latest publication from Mark Pilgrim, ‘Dive into HTML5’ follows on from Mark’s previous Dive into titles on Python and Accessibility, and digs into the key features of HTML 5. The E-Book is published online, and is Creative Commons licensed.
  • API Design Rule: First, Don’t Lie – ‘marcelolr’ discusses a very important pat of API design, the name that you give a method should reflect exactly what the method does, so the consumer is clear what will happen
  • Check Out QuickGenerate – Davy Brion highlights an example of the QuickNet project from Mark Meyer in use for building input for property based testing.