• Caliburn v1.1 Released! – Rob Eisenberg announces the 1.1 release of Caliburn, the UI patterns library for Silverlight and WPF which now supports .NET 3.5 and 4, along with Silverlight 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. This release brings a number of improvements to the implementations, along with bugfixes and some minor new features.
  • Entity Framework Repository & Unit Of Work T4 Template on CodePlex – Dane Morgridge releases at T4 Template to create data layer Repository and Unit of Work implementations against Entity Framework, allowing you to easily create a testable persistence ignorant data layer for your applications. In this post Dane also runs through the generated code, and shows it in use in a simple example.


  • On partially-constructed objects – Joe Duffy discusses in detail the dangers of partially constructed objects being accessed before they are fully populated, digging down into the IL, looking at immutability and exploring some techniques to help deal with these situations.
  • WPF MVVM Multi-Project Template: A Polyglot Approach – Daniel Mohl continues his series of posts sharing difference F# template projects, this time sharing a mixed F# and C# WPF MVVM project, consisting of a C# based View, with F# View model and Model implementations.
  • Computing a Cartesian Product with LINQ – Eric Lippert answers another Stack Overflow question with this look at how you can dynamically construct LINQ queries recursively to allow you to build a Cartesian product of an arbitrary number of sequences.
  • Create a Build Script with Rake in Iron Ruby that Integrates StyleCop, Simian, FxCop, MSpec and NCover – Kazi Manzur Rashid puts together a Rake based build script which puls together a number of the most common code verification tools available.
  • Working with Zip Files in .NET – Richard Lee, a developer intern on the BCL team gives a tour of some proposed Zip functionality for a future .NET release and solicits feedback on the API
  • Action Filter versus Controller Base Class – K. Scott Allen takes a look at the use of the Action Filter feature in ASP.NET MVC to allow you to easily add features to controllers rather than using a base Controller class, allowing better encapsulation and visibility of the feature.
  • Measuring Web Page Performance – Anderson Quach, Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team talks about the importance of good website performance benchmarks for browser implementers and developers, discussing the Web Timing Specification from the W3C which is implemented in the latest IE 9 builds
  • C++ killed my grandpappy – Is C++ hard and where are the C++ coders hiding? – Scott Hanselman takes a second look at C++, highlighting the free Visual Studio C++ Express Edition and the Hilo project which shows off some of the cool visual effects in Windows 7 that can be obtained in C++.
  • Mobile Browser Cache Limits: Android, iOS, and webOS – Ryan Grove takes a look at the behaviour of the caches of some of the more common Web Browsers for mobile devices, along with their support for Last-Modified and ETags.


  • Thursday "Virtual Brown Bag" Meetings – Brian Schroer highlights the lunch time (Central Time) Live Meeting based Virtual Brown Bag events organised by Claudio Lassala and held every Thursday between 12pm and 1pm Central time.