• Hide and seek – Eric Lippert picks up a question from Stack Overflow on method hiding, looking at the rules and reasoning behind how the compiler decides which implementation to use.
  • Symbolic Calculation in F# – Vagif Abilov explores the interesting world of symbolic calculations using functional programming approaches in F#, looking at the symbolic calculation of derivatives, simplifying, parsing and formatting algebraic expressions in this CodeProject article.
  • Internet Explorer 9 Preview 2 link + webcasts for developers – Eric Nelson shares a collection of resources, demos and presentations on Internet Explorer 9 Preview 2
  • The New ASP.NET Default Web Template in Visual Studio 2010 – Tim Lee takes a look at the new Visual Studio 2010 Web Application Templates, showing the functionality you get for free with the Web Site Template including Membership support, jQuery integration and standard CSS and site structure features
  • TeamRoom – Martin Fowler takes a look at the concept of a TeamRoom in Agile Software development, sharing photos of ThoughWorks Team room setups along with some tips for the creation of a good team room environment.
  • Release Management, Features or Time – John Sonmez discusses the two ways of deciding when to release, at a specific time, or after specific functionality is completed, and argues that you should go the functionality route to avoid becoming lazy.
  • Is Your ASP.NET Development Server Not Working? – Paulo Morgado shares his experiences with problems with the ASP.NET Development Server bot functioning on certain OS setups, and traces the problems back to a difference in configuration of the hosts file.
  • Throttling Silverlight Mouse Events to Keep the UI Responsive – Colin Eberhardt takes a ,ook at improving the responsiveness of his Silverlight applications which make use of the mouse events by throttling the mouse events, illustrating with some browser based examples (NB some of these examples show the unthrottled case which may cause your browser to become unresponsive)
  • How to Enable Using the Binding Builder in WPF and Silverlight Applications – Karl Shifflett looks at a number of different scenarios where you can use the new Binding Builder for WPF and Silverlight which is included in Visual Studio 2010, walking through the usage, and sharing code samples to accompany.
  • How to do API Key Verification for REST Services in .NET 4 – Ron Jacobs steps through the creation of API Key verification in the .NET 4 REST Services, showing how such a mechanism can be implemented to verify users have permission to use your services. Sample code is provided.