• Preview of MSDN Library Changes – Scott Guthrie gives an overview of the planned usability changes to the MSDN documentation, and appeals to readers to give feedback on the changs by exploring them on the MSDN Preview site and feeding back via the questionnaire.
  • Fluent NHibernate and the 2nd level cache – Mark Needham explores the options for caching data in the NHibernate Second Level cache when using Fluent NHibernate to provide your NHibernate Mappings
  • Migrating to Git – Gabriel Schenker shares the experiences of his team in moving from Subversion to Git for version control, talking about the configuration of the server, the conversion, the client side software along with the new workflow they are using.
  • Anatomy of a good acceptance test – Gojko Adzic looks at what makes a good acceptance test, and how achieving a good level of acceptance testing can realise long term benefits of live documentation. Gojko takes a bad example of an acceptance test and shows how it can be improved using a variety of techniques.
  • BDD, Feature Injection (and the Whirlpool) – Ian Cooper shares his initial impressions of the use of Feature Injection in BDD practices, giving some background into what it is and how it connects with other parts of the BDD development style.
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber and ASP.NET MVC – Damien White takes a look at testing ASP.NET MVC applications using Cucumber with WebRat and SpecFlow with WatiN, comparing the two combinations in use
  • How Orchard works – Bertrand Le Roy shares some documentation of the overall architecture of the Orchard Project a free open source Content Management System developed on the ASP.NET platform.
  • Using Tech-Ed OData to download videos – Naveen shows how you can quickly use LinqPad and the TechEd OData feed to obtain the videos of the sessions from TechEd North America, including filtering to only those advanced sessions.
  • F# Scaling from Explorative to .NET Component – F# Talk @ TechEd 2010 – LukeH shares the video, slides and demos from his session on F# as a first class citizen in Visual Studio at TechEd North America, along with some additional blog content. This session looked at the F# language, the Integration with the IDE and the new development styles available with F#


  • Registration to NHibernate Day opens at 3:15pm CET – Registration for the First NHibernate Day Conference, a free, all day conference to be held in Bologna, Italy on 9th October opened yesterday. At the time of writing there are still 99 tickets available.