This weekend I will be attending the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper SouthWest conference in Bristol where I will be delivering my first ever conference session, an introduction to the Reactive Extensions for .NET and JavaScript.


  • ApiChange Is Released! – Alois Kraus announces the release of ApiChange, a command line based utility which allows you to query the use libraries and methods, allowing diff’ing public types, finding uses of methods, interfaces, types, etc, and giving reporting in Excel. At a quick glance, this looks like a powerful and useful tool, and this post also discusses a little about its implementation.
  • First Beta of MonoTools 2 for VisualStudio – Miguel de Icaza highlights the release of the first beta of MonoTools 2 for Visual Studio, which now plugs into both Visual Studio 2010 and 2008. Other significant new features are the new Soft Debugger, vastly improved debug deployment times and appliance support with SuseStudio.


  • What the Heck is "MEF" for, and what Silverlight designers need to know about it? – Don Burnett takes a look at the basics of the Managed Extensibility Framework, looking at some of the key features of the library.
  • Sticky Seesmic Desktop Plugin – John Papa is also raising awareness of MEF with a look at creating a plugin for the Silverlight Based Seesmic Desktip, which uses Silverlight and MEF to provide the plug-ability. This first post presents the acutal plugin, with later posts to look at the actual constuction processes.
  • Duck Typing with NHibernate Reloaded – Fabio Maulo looks at duck typing using NHibernate and the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime, allowing you to work with and persist Dynamic Entities.
  • Set based operations with RavenDB – Ayende talks about set based operations in RavenDB, discussing why he really wanted to support them in terms of User appeal, code simplicity, and performance and shows the implementation in RavenDB.
  • How to work RavenDB Id with ASP.NET MVC Routes – Shiju Varghese’s Blog – Shiju Varghese continues looking at the uses of RavenDB with ASP.NET MVC, looking at how the default RavenDB Identifiers can interfere with ASP.NET MVC routing, showing two solutions to the problems
  • That No SQL Thing: Video – Ayende highlights the availability of the video recording of his session at Skills Matter on the various NoSQL database approaches. This is another 4 hour video, so plenty of content, and is available in a streaming only format.
  • Your First Fluent Cassandra Application – Nick Berardi gives a step by step overview of working with the library he has created to give a .NET style Fluent interface for integrating with the Cassandra distributed database
  • Border Image Generator Tool; Using local file APIs – Ajaxian highlights the Border Image Generator Tool from Kevin Decker, and particularly the use of the latest browser APIs such as Data URIs, File API and the Web Storage API