I had a truly excellent time at Developer Developer Developer South West 2 this weekend – my talks on the Reactive Extensions seems to have been well received and I got to put plenty of names to faces (both new and old). Many thanks to the all the organisers for a great event.


  • Silverlight 4 minor update – June 2010 – Tim Heuer announces the release of a minor update for Silverlight 4. This update to the Silverlight environment addresses a number of bugs reported in the RTM release, most notably surrounding media functionality.
  • Silverlight 4 Theme refresh including RIA Services templates – Tim also highlights the release of updated Application Themes for Silverlight and RIA Services, making it easier for those of us who are design challenged to produce visually appealing applications in Silverlight
  • Subtext 2.5 Released! – Phil Haack announces the release of Subtext 2.5, the latest release of his blogging platform written on the .NET framework, with a completely new search (powered by Lucene) a new dashboard andSubtext 2.5 Skin Improvements , this is quite a significant update.
  • Windows Server AppFabric v1 RTW (and samples too) – Greg Duncan highlights the RTW release of Windows Server App Fabric 1.0, providing core infrastructure to host web and composite applications on IIS using WCF, WWF, Dublin and Velocity
  • FsCheck 0.7: Pleasure and Pain – Kurt Schelfthout announces the 0.7 release of FsCheck, the F# port of QuickCheck, and introduces a new .NET specific API moving away from the API of the Haskell original, making this release not backwards compatible, but bringing improvements to the way of working with it.