Monday is a Public Holiday here in the UK, so in keeping with Morning Brew tradition there will be no Morning Brew post on Monday, with a larger post on Tuesday next week. Have a good weekend everyone.


  • Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh! – The Windows Phone Developer Blog announce the release of the April CTP refresh of the Windows Phone Developer Tools. The main feature of which is support for the RTM release of Visual Studio 2010. Other significant changes are an OS update for the emulator, improved documentation, along with a number of other changes and improvements
  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools April 2010 Refresh – Tim Heuer shares some more details of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Refresh, including a work around for a common problem, and details of the Expression Blend integration.
  • Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh and XNA Game Studio 4.0 CTP Refresh now available for download – Aaron Stebner joins in the announcing of the CTP refresh of Windows Phone Developer tools, along with highlighting the updates to XNA Game Studio 4.0 which is included in the release.
  • MooTools 1.3b1: A ‘Slick’ release – Ajaxian highlights the release of the first Beta of the MooTools 1.3 JavaScript library, including a new quicker and better tested pure JavaScript selector engine
  • LINQ to GPU (with Brahma) – Greg Duncan highlights the Brahma open source library which allows .NET 3.5 / C#3 applications to perform parallel streaming computations across a variety of processors using LINQ syntax to specify the work.


  • Every Program There Is, Part Two – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at generating test programs using the tree like nature of programs to help. This part looks at a simple programming Context Free Grammar for working with numbers performing addition.
  • Your Visual Studio 2010 Dream Machine – Brian Harry discusses the optimum hardware for developing using Visual Studio 2010, discussing what his suggested specification would be, and looking at how VS would utilise certain aspects of the machine.
  • Download and Share Visual Studio Color Schemes – Scott Guthrie highlights the site which provides a way of sharing and creating custom Visual Studio Colour Schemes.
  • My first VS2010 Extension – Christiaan takes a step by step look at creating a simple Visual Studio 2010 Extension for the NArainge tool
  • Unbounded concurrency – Ayende explains why the challenge code he posted the other day was broken, caused by particular times taken for the individual operations being parallelised, and the increasing use of threads as the process progresses.
  • Download SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (Database Size Limit Increased to 10GB! ) – Aamir Hasan provides the download link for the Express Edition of SQL Server 2008 R2, along with pointing out a 2.5 x increase in the maximum database size in this edition.
  • jQuery Micro Optimizations – Ajaxian features some things you can do to micro optimise your jQuery code. The list, originated by Corey Hart, includes a number of code related things you can do, along with recommendations of functionality to avoid for performance reasons.
  • Can’t hit breakpoints in a plug-in or can’t debug .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 from a mixed mode .exe project with Visual Studio 2010? – Andrew Hall takes a look at mysterious problem when debugging where sometimes the symbols won’t be loaded, and explains why this can occur due to the two debugging engines included, one for .NET 4 and the other for .NET 2/3/3.5.
  • The Ted Neward F# Folding Challenge – Richard Minerich shares a Functional Programming Code Kata learning exercise from Ted Neward, looking at an easy imperative solution, and the more challenging functional solution.
  • Visual Tooling Will Make You Go Blind – Rob Conery takes a look at Visual Tooling, and how he feels that command line tools are often better for productivity, sharing a simple cheat sheet for working with Mercurial from the command Line.
  • How I do VCS – ‘Wes’ shares his list of rules, recommendations and best practices for working with Version Control systems.