Based on further feedback (and my own experiences in putting The Morning Brew together it seems the delay in posts making its way to your feed reader is down to FeedBurner. Hopefully the situation will improve soon.


  • Windows API Code Pack – Past, Present, and Future – Yochay Kiriaty gives some background on the Windows API Code Pack, which brings a managed code API for underlying Windows API functionality, and seeks feedback to help them improve the product.
  • Managed Extensibility Framework Overview – Shen Chauhan of the UK Microsoft Consulting Services team gives a nice introductory overview of the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), looking at why you might want to use it and showing a simple example
  • Constructors and Value Types – Ron Petrusha of the BCL Team looks at the use of constructors with Value Types (structs) in the .NET Framework, showing examples in VB.NET and C#
  • Process for Securing Web Sites and Applications – Aamir Hasan shares a useful check list of things you can do to secure your web applications focusing on the Server related aspects of the process.
  • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC: Contextual controller injection – Jimmy Bogard continues his series on ASP.NET MVC and Dependency Injection with a look at injecting some of the property based dependencies of the Controller base class
  • ASP.NET MVC 2.0 Templating – Brian Mains takes a look at the Dynamic Data based Templating support included in ASP.NET MVC 2, which allows you to create templates for certain objects which can be used across your application via a simple call to the DisplayFor / EditorFor methods
  • MonoTouch and Apple’s Section 3.3.1: Two Theories – Miguel de Icaza shares two theories about the change in Apple’s terms and conditions for iPhone Development, which impacts the MonoTouch project by restricting the languages applications may be programmed in.
  • Challenge: What killed the application? – Ayende shares another of his puzzling ‘why does the application crash’ puzzles. Lots of possibles in the comments so far.
  • Mocking the Unmockable: Using Microsoft Moles with Gallio – Thomas Weller looks at using the Microsoft Moles Framework, and how you can use it to mock almost anything, and shows it in use with the Gallio test framework
  • DRY Violations May Indicate A Missed Modeling Opportunity – Derick Bailey looks at how the a violation of the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle can sometimes suggest that there is something wrong with your application model, and shows an example of turning a violation into a better design
  • RavenDB – An Introduction – Ayende & Paul B take an introductory look at the Raven DB document database in the CodeProject article, looking at the setup of the Raven DB server, and introducing using it from C# code.


  • Community For MVC.Net: The MvcContrib Grid Component – The Recording of last nights C4MVC virtual event is now available, and sees Jeremy Skinner show the ASP.NET MVC Contrib Grid, which allows you to quickly build tabular data UI in your ASP.NET MVC applications
  • Party with Palermo, Tech Ed 2010 save the date! – Jeffrey Palermo announces the date and venue for his TechEd 2010 New Orleans Party with Palmero event. These events are a great way of getting to meet other conference attendees, and the admission is typically one business card.
  • Cambridge GeekBeers (Summer of 2010 ) #2 – The Cambridge .NET Developer’s User Group announce the dates for the second Cambridge GeekBeers event, based on the AltNetBeers style events, this event contains 4 slots for focused attendee defined topics, along with an opportunity to network with fellow developers over a beer (or two)