Yesterday saw the release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 RTM, and today sees the inclusion of a special section in the Brew dedicated to this and related release news.

Visual Studio 2010 & .NET 4 Release


  • Launch: Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta – Eric Havir of the Microsoft Surface Team announces the release of the Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta which brings a number of the Microsoft Surface controls to PCs which support Touch.
  • ReSharper 5.0 Is Out! – JetBrains are one of over 50 partners who launched new releases of their Visual Studio related tools yesterday. This new release integrates with Visual Studio 2010 (along with 2005 and 2008), and provides a bunch of great new features over the 4.5 release). Free Upgrades for recent purchasers of V4,5 are available, along with 30 day trials versions.
  • CodeRush Xpress for C# and VB – DevExpress have updated the free CodeRush Xpress release to add support for Visual Studio 2010, bringing quality tools to help refactor and improve your code to the latest IDE version, along with keeping support for VS2008 and 2005.
  • IronRuby- Release: 1.0 – The IronRuby team ship version 1.0 of IronRuby, representing a major milestone in the development of Ruby on the .NET Platform
  • Profiler subscriptions are now available – Ayende announces the subscription based licensing costs for the NHibernate Profiler, 12EURO / $16 per month gives you a rolling license, with free upgrades for as long as you continue paying.
  • psake v4.00 – James Kovacs announces the release of psake 4.0, a build automation tool built on PowerShell. This release adds .NET 4 and x64 support, along with nested build support and much more.
  • QueryUnit – Trust No One – Davide Mauri announces an update to his QueryUnit project which allows you to unit test the queries in your Business Intelligence projects adding better string handling, and new asserts in the form of NotEqualTo, Greater and Less.
  • JustMock is here !! – ‘Mehfuz’ highlights the first pre-releases of Telerik JustMock an new mocking and proxy library which follows the Arrange – Act – Assert format. The final product is planned for a Q2 release.


  • Easy And Safe Model Binding In ASP.NET MVC – Justin Etheredge takes a look at making model binding in ASP.NET MVC a little safer by controlling what you expose using a view model, and looks at solutions to re-binding the data to the actual model
  • Ignoring parentheses – Eric Lippert explores another interesting area of the C# specification, looking at the theoretical differences which could be caused by additional parentheses in return statements.
  • Simple-MongoDB – Part 1, Getting started – Daniel Wertheim begins an introductory series of posts looking a the MongoDB NoSQL database solution, also exploring his simple MongoDB driver
  • Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide (Version 2.0) Published – Ed Glas highlights an update to the Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide taking its version to 2.0. This 150 page document contains lots of background on the performance testing capabilities of Visual Studio along with a number of HowTo articles.
  • C# 4.0: Covariance And Contravariance In Generics – Paulo Morgado takes a look at some of the theory behind Co and Contra-Variance in supporting Generics, sharing a set of rules for their implementation in C# and .NET
  • Coupling Is Your Friend – Derick Bailey talks about the role of Coupling in development, and how it isn’t always something evil which you need to get rid of.


  • Webinar on Obfuscation and Encryption this Thursday (4/15/2010) – Jason Haley will be co-presenting with Eran Dror at a virtual meeting organised by LIDNUG (the Linked-In .NET User Group) on the 15th April at 11:00am PDT (early evening in Europe) on .NET Code Protection using Secure Team.
  • Next European VAN on 26 April 2010 – The European Virtual Alt.NET Usergroup have a presentation from Neil Robbins on introductory concepts behind the NoSQL debate. The talk is the first of a series on NoSQL, and is being held on Tuesday 26th April, beginning at 7:00GMT (Don’t forget to adjust for British Summer time / Daylight savings)