Update: Thanks to Dan Atkinson for the comment that pointed to an updated MVC Contrib release- looks like the original link’s release was removed, so I’ve updated the post with the updated release.


  • MVCContrib – Release: MVC2 Updated: MVCContrib for MVC2 (RTW) – Eric Hexer has pushed out a new release of the ASP.NET MVCContrib library which brings additional features to the ASP.NET MVC engine. This release includes some changes to Portable Areas support, along with the usual bug fixes.
  • "FAKE – F# Make" and NaturalSpec released – Steffen Forkmann highlights the release of updated versions of FAKE 1.0, the F# Make implementation and NaturalSpec 1.0, both of which target the F#2 release and the Release Candidate and RTM editions of Visual Studio 2010.
  • Back to the future! – New version of the VB6 InteropForms toolkit is released!! – The Visual Basic Team share a new release of the VB6 InteropForms toolkit which has been updated to support both Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 whcih provides a means of developig controls and forms in .NET and consuming from VB6 applications
  • Download details: Microsoft Sync Framework – An update to the Microsoft Sync Framework is now available, and this service pack release contains bug fixes for a number of know issues, along with changes to expose the public change tracking API in SQL Compact (with an associated performance impact)