So today is launch day for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 – is everyone suitably excited? I’m going to be at the UK Launch Event in London, so if you are too, and spot me, come and say hello.

Updated: Another HTML Glitch swallowed Mark Needham’s link below, and mangled the DDD Down under one, now fixed, thanks for the comment ‘RSS Subscriber’ highlighting it.




  • DDD Down Under – Barry Dorrans highlights the d├ębut of the Developer Developer Developer conference in Austrailia. The event, to be held in Melbourne, follows the same conventions as teh UK events, and currently speaker submissions are open, with registrations opening later today.
  • Making the Most of the Reactive Extensions for .NET – The Virtual Alt.NET group have Scott Weinstein presenting on the Reactive Extensions for .NET on 21st April. This event is geared up for US based developers, as the event starts at 8pm GMT-5, which makes it early hours of the morning for UK based devs.