Next week I’m going to be attending a number of London based events (UK Techdays, Techdays Fringe events and SQL Bits), and as always with these events I’m looking forward to meeting up with my fellow developers, so if you see me out and about, come over and say Hi.

Update: Fixed a problem with the HTML between Krzysztof Kozmic and Jimmy Bogard’s links in todays edition which resulted in them being merged together


  • Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 – The The Visual Basic Team talks about the plans for release of Crystal Reports for VS 2010, which will now ship outside of the main release. The beta for this new version will begin next week, and the product will still be free for Visual Studio users.


  • jQuery, ASP.NET, and Browser History – Stephen Walther looks at adding support to your AJAX powered web applications for providing back button and browser history support, along with bookmarkable urls, demonstrating with a real application example.
  • "Dogfooding" VS 2010 and .NET 4 – Somasegar talks about the internal process of ‘Dogfooding’ the Visual Studio and Team Systems products internally at Microsoft, sharing some impressive numbers from the VS Team’s TFS installation
  • Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – A Separation of Concerns – Matthew Podwysocki continues his exploration of the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript, talking about the plans for the next release to separate out the areas of functionality within the library and also shows an example integrating with the Dojo framework.
  • Build your conventions – Krzysztof Kozmic continues exploring the ideas of Convention over Configuration, taking a look at the things in strongly typed languages which support building frameworks around conventions.
  • Strengthening your domain: Domain Events – Jimmy Bogard continues his series on building better domain models with and exploration of the concept of Domain Events to provide the means for developers to know when things happen within the domain model.
  • Currying with C# – Garry Shutler shares his notes on Currying in C# inspired by the discussions at the Brighton Alt.Net Beers event earlier in the week.
  • Precision and accuracy of DateTime – Eric Lippert talks about the difference between accuracy and precision, looking at the capabilities of the DataTime data type in these areas, and using these means to explain why the StopWatch class is a better choice for measuring time elapsed.
  • New iPhone OS License Threatens 3rd Party Languages – Larry O’Brien highlights some new Terms and Conditions included in the Apple iPhone OS4 release which casts question over the use of C# and the MonoTouch library for iPhone application development.
  • The Practical Guide to Multithreading – Part 1 & Part 2 – Ajay Vijayvargiya explores the principals and practices of Multi-threaded programming in this two part CodeProject Article, showing solutions for common multi-threaded problems in C# and C++.
  • Parallelism coverage in April 2010 MSDN Magazine – The Parallel Programming with .NET Blog highlights the April edition of MSDN Magazine which looks at a number of Parallelism topics.