• Message-Based Systems for Maintainable, Asynchronous Development – Billy McCafferty looks at the concepts and techniques behind message passing and looks at how it is a natural fit for asynchronous problems.
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with SpecFlow and ASP.NET MVC – Steve Sanderson talks about the history and background to Behaviour Driven Development, the types of specifications that you can create using these techniques, and looks at using SpecFlow, WatiN, NUnit and ASP.NET MVC to provide a pure .NET BDD solution.
  • Challenge: Robust enumeration over external code – Ayende posts an interesting (and simple looking) problem base on enumeration, which seems to be significantly more complex than it appears based on the comments – interesting reading.
  • 1 Simple Step for Commanding in Silverlight – Christopher Bennage talks about the Silverlight 4 implementation of Commanding, a technique borrowed from Silverlight’s Big Brother WPF, and shows how this same technique can be implemented using his Caliburn framework.
  • What is Projection? – Chris Missal puts a pattern name to a code implementation face with a look at projection from one list of types to another, showing a traditional C# implementation along with a LINQ based example.
  • Lambda Expressions: Join – Deborah Kurata takes a look at the Join methods use in Lambda expressions allowing an easy way of combining two lists of items into one, illustrating with an example in both C# and VB.NET
  • Is MSpec an Internal DSL?…And is that okay? – Richard Cirerol follows on from a comment on a recent post of his, discussing the types of Domain Specific Language, looking at what type of DSL MSpec is, and looking at other examples of DSLs we probably use without noticing.
  • .NET Remoting Events Explained – Silic0re09 takes a look at implementing events over a .NET Remoting interface, showing a code example illustrating both server and client, along with some best practices for eventing over remoting.
  • Tips to Optimise Web Applications – Prasenjit Das gathers together a number of tips for improving the performance of your applications, focusing on Web Applications, but there are plenty of tips there which are relevant for most types of application.


  • UK Events Of Interest (March\April 2010) – Dan Maharry highlights a number of interesting .NET related events occurring across the UK this and next month.
  • Ok official call for inter … – Rory Becker uses Twitter to identify is there is demand for a .NET Usergroup in the Poole / Bournemouth area – If you are, or know people who might be please help him spread the word.