• NServiceBus 2.0 RTM – Udi Dahan announces the RTM release of NServiceBus 2.0, containing only a few minor changes since the Release Candidate release, which proved to be good and stable in production. Udi also gives an update on the state of the NServiceBus community.
  • Now Serving Gummy Bear 1.2 – Dave Burke announces the release of Gummy Bear 1.2 the packaged installer for Sweetie, which makes it easy to set up a community site based upon well known open source .NET applications covering media gallery, blogs, forums, wiki and marketplace all combined and running together with common logins.
  • New Offers for Visual Studio 2010 – Soma Somasegar announces a special deal to make it affordable for Visual Studio 2005/2008 Standard Edition users to upgrade to 2010 at a special price, along with an offer for anyone purchasing professional edition as a retail edition which will give them a 1 year MSDN Essentials subscription giving some of the benefits of the full MSDN Subscription
  • Spark bits for MVC 2 RC2 – Louis DeJardin announces an update to the Spark View Engine for ASP.NET MVC 2 RC2 in the form of the Spark 1.1 RC1 release


  • MSDN Magazine: March 2010 Issue – The Online edition of the MSDN Magazine’s March edition is available now, with articles on IIS Smooth Streaming, Multitouch in Silverlight 3, Thread performance tuning with the VS2010 Concurrent Visualizer, and testing Silverlight applications using messages, along with the usual regular articles and columns.
  • C# 4 expressions: blocks [Part I] – Mitsuru Furuta explores the changes to expression trees in C#4 and looks at utilising the power of them from the C# language, exploring block expressions in this first part and moving on to variables in Part II, and dealing with looping, goto/label, if and not in Part III
  • ASP.NET, Part 9: Rendering Cleaner HTML – Dan Maharry continues his exploration of the new ASP.NET 4 features with a look at the cleaner HTML output now available from server controls, which also allows for cleaner CSS support.
  • The Weekly Source Code 51 – Asynchronous Database Access and LINQ to SQL Fun – Scott Hanselman takes a look at using the asynchronous capabilities of LINQ to SQL (built on the ADO.NET async functionality) and looks at combining it with the Task Parallel Library to make it nicer to work with.
  • NHibernate Validator ASP.NET MVC 2 Model Validation – Scott Kirkland looks at validation in ASP.NET MVC 2 models and using the NHibernate validator to perform the validations in this new series of posts. This post looks at the sever side implementation, illustrated with code samples and a full download of the sample available.
  • How IE8 Determines Document Mode – Marc Silbey shares some very useful information on how Internet Explorer 8 decides which document mode to use including a flow chart showing the whole process.