• Creating and Sharing Project & Item Templates – Aaron Marten of the Visual Studio Platform Team talks about new features of Visual Studio 2010 which allow for easier use and sharing of Template for Projects and items
  • Events get a little overhaul in C# 4, Part I: Locks – Chris Burrows talks about a C#4 language change to how events are handled by the language / framework, showing how locks used to be used when attaching and removing event handlers, and talks about how it has changed in C#4
  • Too much reuse – Eric Lippert gives some background on why rethrowing exceptions using ‘throw ex’ is bad due to the way exceptions are not completely immutable.
  • ASP.NET 4.0 Part 10, A Handful Of Little Things – Dan Maharry looks at a number of the smaller changes in ASP.NET 4 as a part of his series, exploring new Redirects, Inline HTML Encode, and the inclusion of the chart controls.
  • ASMX and JSON – Common mistakes and misconceptions – Dave Ward talks about the ASMX web service, and how, despite preconceptions, it can be used to serve JSON formatted data for use in JavaScript. Prashant Khandelwal illustrates this quite nicely with a look at consuming an ASP.NET Web Service in his post ‘Calling ASP.NET Web Service Using Jquery – Part I
  • There’s no such thing as a "JSON Object" – Ben Alman sets the record straight about the meaning of JSON, what it is, and how its defined
  • MEF will not get easier, its’ cool as ICE – Maarten Balliauw talks about the three key concepts / keywords in the Managed Extensibility Framework , Import, Export and Compose, which make up the initials ‘ICE’, showing simple examples of each phase.
  • NHibernate: Mappings path – Fabio Maulo illustrates the NHibernate Mapping structures showing how they interact with each other and the various functionalities of NHibernate in this useful diagram
  • Tamper Proofing – an implementation (Part 3) – Paul Mason gives a recap of the work he undertook to add tamper proofing to NCloak, and talks about some of the problems he ran into when debugging
  • Using Mongo With LINQ – Rob Conery talks about the work he has been doing (with some help from others) on creating a Linq supporting C# driver/provider for the MongoDB Document Database, showing off the features of the provider with a simple example
  • Using Reactive Extensions in Silverlight – Pencho Popadiyn explores the use of the Reactive Extensions in Silverlight, as possible in the .NET 4 release. This post covers some of the theory behind, along with showing Silverlight related examples to illustrate the concepts.
  • Combining Higher Order Functions in C# – Mike Hadlow performs some functional programming gymnastics with C# functions which gets him under way with his Windsor CurryFacility implementation
  • Poll: IoC Containers for .NET – Oliver Sturm is canvassing the community on their choice of and opinions of Inversion of Control containers for .NET via a simple poll – spare him 2 minutes to fill it in, and then have a read of the results if you are interested


  • Video of C4MVC talk on MvcContrib Portable Areas – Jeffrey Palermo highlights the availability of the video of his C4MVC virtual event presentation from late last month on ASP.NET MVC MvcContrib Portable Areas.
  • Community For MVC.Net – March Meeting – The Community For MVC.Net (C4MVC) also have their next virtual event planned for 17th March at 1PM CST where Brad Wilson will be presenting on Templated Helpers and Testing in ASP.NET MVC