• DiffPlex 1.0 Released!! – Matt Manela announces the V1.0 release of DiffPlex, a project which combines a Diff Library with a Silverlight and HTML Viewer providing an easy way to implement diffing in your applications or websites
  • Windows Server AppFabric Beta 2 Available! – The Windows Server Division Team announce the second beta release of the Windows Server AppFabric, with a view to releasing the final build in Q3 this year. The Windows Server App Fabric helps developers buidl, scale and compose Web Applications on IIS providing caching and integration of WWF and WCF


  • The Case for ViewModel – Nikhil Kothari discusses the MVVM pattern and why its a compelling pattern for development in his mind, looking at a number of the benefits of working in this way.
  • Internationalization/Globalization in Silverlight – Part 1 – Terminology – Ross Wozniak shares an 8 part series on Internationalization (or I18N), Globalization and localization in Silverlight addressing all the core areas of I18N such as resource files, dates and images, along with the MVVM approach, and some of the reasons to internationalize.
  • Fixing Internationalization in ASP.NET – Jason Kester shares his opinions on the built in internationalization support in ASP.NET, and shares an implementation which he believes is a better alternative.
  • Announcing: TinyIoC – An Easy to Use, Hassle Free, Inversion of Control Container – Steven Robbins announces his current ‘Pet Project’ to build a simple Inversion of Control Framework, and accompanying blog post series showing it in use and illustrating IOC concepts. Full source is available for this simple IOC container, and reader comments and suggestions are welcome.
  • Thought experiment: The Curry Facility – Mike Hadlow shares some thoughts on combining Functional Programming practices such as currying along with the use of an inversion of control container, providing a new facility. This looks like an interesting use, and something I’d be interested in seeing more of.
  • Solution Setup, Part Deux – Carlos Santos continues talking about the setup of his Solution structure, with a look at the versioning attributes, project naming conventions, and separation of web projects.
  • New commands in SOS for .NET 4.0 Part 1 – Tess Ferrandez begins a blog series looking at some of the new SOS debugger commands available in the .NET 4 release of SOS.
  • An Evolution of Test-Specification Styles – My Journey to MSpec – Richard Cirerol talks about testing styles, how the different frameworks lead you towards writing tests in certain styles, and how he ended up at MSpec.
  • MSpec Live Templates – Hadi Hariri shares a useful tip about setting your IDE up with Live Templates for MSpec style test to help speed the process of building such test by removing the need to type the boilerplate content.