• ASP.NET MVC 2 Localization complete guide – Alex Adamyan takes a comprehensive look at how to create a Localized ASP.NET MVC application using the ASP.NET MVC 2 RC2 release, exploring view localization, switching languages, Validation, and the effects on caching.
  • Why you should check out MVC – Ryan Ohs shares the reasons he believes that you should check out ASP.NET MVC if you havn’t already, exploring some of the common reasons, and a few less common ones too.
  • Free Entity Framework v1 eBook – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of a 514 eBook covering a range of Entity Framework V1 functionality, useful if you are working with that version, or simply want to see how things were to better understand where Entity Framework came from.
  • System.Uri FAQ – The Network Class Library Team (the folks behind the System.Net Namespace) share a Frequently Asked Questions document on the use of System.Uri, looking at the facilities that it provides.
  • Introduction into ADO .NET Data Services/RIA Services – Sacha Barber shares his latest article on CodeProject which takes an introductory look at the ADO.NET Data Services (AKA Astoria) and the Rich Internet Application Services showing the simple use cases (create, update, delete, select and validate) in both of these technologies
  • Strengthening your domain: Aggregate Construction – Jimmy Bogard talks about the process of moving from a Model Driven Architecture with and anaemic domain and a number of domain services to a more DDD approach, and the concept of creating valid aggregates in all cases
  • Introducing Location in .NET 4.0 – The Sensor & Location Platform Team show how .NET 4 allows you to easily obtain details of where the user is (assuming they have suitable hardware) via the new Sensors API
  • ASP.NET, Part 7: A New Viewstate Opt-in Model – Dan Maharry continues his tour of the new ASP.NET 4 functionality with a look at the new Opt In Viewstate functionality which allows easier and finer grain control over which controls are creating viewstate.