• 1.0.7 supports VS10 RC – Santosh Benjamin announces the release of a minor upgrade for WSCF Blue, taking the version to 1.0.7, WSCF Blue is a tool for generating web service implementation classes in WCF from the service contract rather than a service implementation, and this updated release brings Visual Studio 2010 RC support in addition to VS2008 support.


  • Database theory, your friend for success – Frans Bouma fights the corner for the Relational Database with a look at some of the key concepts in understanding Relation Database Stores
  • Sharing the goodness that is VB : Dotfuscator Gets Better (and still FREE) in Visual Studio 2010 – Beth Massi highlights some of the improvements to the free edition of Dotfuscator which is included in Visual Studio 2010, and shares a number of related videos on the Dev Center
  • New in .NET 4: Don’t Forget to Dispose() your SmtpClient Instances – Lee Dumond talks about the importance of calling Dispose on objects which deal with unmanaged resources (files, networks, etc), and highlights a change to an existing class which give it a Dispose method.
  • ASP.NET, Part 8: Introducing ClientIDMode – Dan Maharry addresses another of the major selling points of ASP.NET 4, the ability to control the identifiers used on HTML elements output by the ASP.NET framework, making it much easier to work with these elements on the client side.
  • Is CAS dead in .NET 4? – ‘shawnfa’ talks about some of the changes made in .NET 4 to the way Code Access Security is implemented, and how the Code Access Policy has been deprecated, explaining some of the reasons why and discussing the implications.
  • Excerpt #3 from CLR via C#, Third Edition – Jeffrey Richter shares an excerpt from his forthcoming book CLR via C# 3rd Edition, taking a look at the ConditionalWeakTable class.
  • The Case of 64-Bit .NET Upgrade Bug – Russell Ball shares a useful reminder of some of the problems you can run into when upgrading projects and running them on different processor architectures even in the .NET world.
  • MEF, Silverlight and the DeploymentCatalog – Mike Taulty takes a look at producing a realworld use of the Managed Extensibility Framework in Silverlight, illustrating the principles in some of his previous articles in this screencast.
  • How to Setup WinDBG – Chris Clayton shares some tips to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your time working with WinDBG by making sure the environment is correctly configured.
  • Sexy Windsor Registrations – ‘Wes’ talks about using the IWindsorInstaller interface to provide an entry point into registering components with the Castle Windsor container in a more fluent way.
  • Branching Strategies: When To Branch And Merge – Derick Bailey looks at a couple of different ways of managing your branching in your version control, discussing Branch per feature, branch per team, and branch per iteration patterns, and also looks at The Cost Of Branching And Merging and how that should influence your decision to branch/merge
  • Unique Keys versus IDs in Web Applications – Chris Missal discusses the use of human readable (and memorable) identifiers in web applications, and highlights some resources to help make this a reality.


  • .Net User Group get-together at QCon London – Mark Nijhof highlights a free ‘Geek Gathering’ in association with NNUG Bergen and the QCon London Conference, to be held in the evening of 11th March 2010 starting at 18:30 (shortly after the end of the second day of the conference), where you will be able to mingle with some of the speakers, and other conference attendees. The event is free, but signup is required
  • Douglas Crockford: "Crockford on JavaScript – Act III: Function the Ultimate (73 min.)" – The Yahoo! User Interface Blog Team share the latest part in Douglas Crockford’s lecture series on JavaScript. This 73 minute episode looking at the vital role that functions play in the JavaScript language