• This is what happens when two Toolkits fall in love… [The February 2010 release of the WPF Toolkit is now available!] – Delay highlights the release of the February 2010 edition of the WPF Toolket, which includes a range of bug fixes to the DataGrid, Visual State Manager, DatePicker and Calendar along with bringing the Data Visualisations library into line with that used in the latest edition of the Silverlight Toolkit
  • Babel Obfuscator: Babel Released – Alberto Ferrazzoli announces the release of the 3rd Major version of Babel Obfuscater. This release sees the product becoming a commercial offering, with Professional and Enterprise editions offered at $149 and $249 respectively. A free edition with more limited features still exists, and is roughly comparable with the V2 release.
  • Announcing the YouTube SDK for .NET – Frank Mantek of the Google Data APIs Team announces the release of a .NET based Software Development Kit for the YouTube API
  • NHibernate Schema Tool (SchemaExport, SchemaUpdate) – .NET Nomad shares a simple command line tool which aims to make it easy to run NHibernate’s Schema Generation routines from both the command line or as a part of your Continuous Integration process. Full Source code available on the projects CodePlex page.


  • Setting Up MVC Using StructureMap, Moq and NUnit…Quickly – Garry Pilkington takes a look at getting up and running with his default stack of ASP.NET MVC, StructureMap, Moq and NUnit, showing the code used along the way
  • Sharpy – an ASP.NET MVC view engine based on Smarty – Maarten Balliauw takes a look at the Shapry view/template engine which is based on the Smarty engine for PHP and was released recently showing a simple example of it in use, and how you can extend the engine easily.
  • An Overview Of System.Collections.Generic – Justin Etheredge follows on from his series on the Concurrent Collections with a look at the standard Generic collections (List, SortedList, LinkedList, Dictionary, SortedDictionary, HashSet, etc, along with the new generic collections added in .NET 4
  • GuesPost: Typemock Isolator – Much more than an Isolation framework – Eric Nelson shares the next part in Gil Zilberfeld’s guest post series on Mocking and TypeMock Isolator, taking a look at how TypeMock Isolator allows you to mock out dependencies without changing your production code.
  • ASP.NET 4.0, Part 6: New Page Directive Attributes – Dan Maharry continues his look at the new features of ASP.NET 4 with a brief look at the new page directives introduced in the latest release, ClientIdMode, ClientTarget, MetaDescription, MetaKeywords, TargetSchema and ViewStateMode.
  • Slaying relational dragons – Ayende talks about complex domains involving lots of entities, and how NHibernate can allow you to get better performance after a little tuning, but also looks at how for certain problems a document database may offer a better solution.
  • Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Creating Observables – Matthew Podwysocki follows on from his previous post, continuing looking at the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript exploring the Observer and Observables roles and showing how to create different types of observable.
  • Careful with that axe, part one: Should I specify a timeout? – Eric Lippert talks about the use of the timeout parameter when joining threads, discussing if it is a good idea, and suggesting that code that behaves is better than having a safety net in the form of a timeout which kills the work.