• Moonlight 3.0 Preview 1 – Miguel de Icaza announces the first preview release of Moonlight 3.0 the Mono implementation of Silverlight, which is aiming to be equivalent to Silverlight 3 in terms of features.
  • CAT.NET V2.0 released to Beta – Syed Aslam Basha highlights the 1 month beta release of CAT.NET 2.0, the latest update to this Code Analysis Tool. This release brings integration with Visual Stuidio 2010 by way of FxCop rules, along with 55 new rules added to the analysis performed. Syed also has a number of posts looking at getting started with CAT2.0 and checking out some of the new features in use, so be sure to havea read of them too.


  • Service Locator is an Anti-Pattern – Mark Seemann talks about how using the Service Locator pattern inside your classes can be considered an anti-pattern due to it hiding a dependency as there is nothing from the consumer of the classes point of view that indicates the dependency on the service locator.
  • 10 Advanced Windsor Tricks – 8. Dependency graph visualisation – Mike Hadlow continues his advanced Castle Windsor tricks series with a look at generating a textual dependency graph which shows the dependencies of the types registered in your container, and how they will be satisfied.
  • Branch-Per-Feature: How I Manage Subversion With Git Branches – Derick Bailey show how he uses SVN combined with Git to give git versioning on his branches while working with Subversion for the main repository, shareign some best practices for easy working this way, along with looking at some of the benefits of working this way.
  • Debugging ASP.NET generated code – David Ebbo takes a look at how you can debug the code that gets automatically generated by ASP.NET when it runs ASPX pages, showing how you can get to see the code, can improve the readability of the code using by eliminating the #line pragma output, and generate psuedo break points and debug against them.
  • CLR V4: Profiler Detach – David Broman continues his series looking at the profiling API in the .NET CLR 4, in this post exploring what goes on when you detach a profiler from an application
  • Real World S#arp Architecture – Billy McCafferty highlights a new sample application built against his S#arp Architecture framework by Howard van Rooijen, Jonathan George & James Broome. Not only does the project use S#arp, it also makes use of a number of other great Open source .NET tools, so is well worth a look for most people.
  • Strengthening your domain: a primer – Jimmy Bogard gives an introduction to moving from a persistence model where your objects are simply containers of data to a more rounded domain model where objects include more of the behaviour associated with them.


  • Lessons learned from building NHibernate Profiler – 24th Feb, London – Ayende will be giving a talk on the lessons he learned while building the NHibernate Profiler, looking at the architecture, real world application infrastructure and the way they worked as a distributed team. The session is being held on 24th Feb at SkillMatter in London, and registration is required.
  • Sign my petition to the PM to demand the UK Govt. reviews it’s failed IT processes – Rob Bowley is attempting to get the UK Government to review their IT system processes following a number of high profile failures over the years by way of a official E-Petition. If you are a UK resident and agree with Rob’s cause, I encourage you to sign the petition.
  • Crockford on JavaScript – Volume 1: The Early Years – The Yahoo Developer Network provide the video content of the first part of Douglas Crockford’s 5 part series on the JavaScript Programming Language. In this first part he talks about his computing history,and more generally the history of computing and programming.