• Data Services Update for .NET 3.5 SP1 – Now Available for Download – Mike Flasko announces the (re)release of an updated version of the ADO.NET Data Services 1.5 (which is now called Data Services) with separate releases for Windows 7/2008 and other Windows editions. This release includes a number of new features including URI support for projections, feed customisation and two way data binding support.


  • NHibernate new feature: Lazy Properties – Ayende introduces a new feature for NHibernate, the ability to have properties which are lazy loaded only on first access, useful for properties which contain lots of data that may not be needed in all cases. Currently this implementation is in the trunk version and will only work with the Castle Proxy Factory, and has no implementation in the critiera API.
  • Transparently releasing components in Windsor – Krzysztof Kozmic proposes some functionality for the Castle Windsor container to allow it to not just manage the lifecycle of the components it brings into being but to manage the release of these components without your intervention, backing the ideas up with a simple (and not production ready) prototype implementation.
  • .NET 4.0 and System.Collections.Concurrent.ConcurrentBag – Justin Etheredge explores the Concurrent Bag implementation included in .NET 4’s Concurrent Collections, looking at it in uses and the facility it provides to allow you to parallel program efficiently against it.
  • It’s the maintenance, stupid! (or: Something is rotten in developerland.) – Thomas Weller shares a well thought out and researched piece on the problems with software development in terms of maintenance of existing projects, looking at the factors which makes maintenance more difficult.
  • The Weekly Source Code 48 – DynamicQueryable makes custom LINQ expressions easier – Scott Hanselman follows on from his previous Weekly Source Code post revisiting the problem and (with the help of some community members) finding an improved solution.
  • Securing Your Agatha Service Layer – Davy Brion talks about implementing security within his Agatha Service Layer project, which can be achieved by the usual WCF security methods, or as Davy explores in this piece by implementing custom authentication into the request processing.
  • Hacking Mono.Cecil – allowing invalid opcodes – Paul Mason continues his series of posts on obfuscation with a look at hacking Mono.Cecil to allow it to happily ignore invalid opcodes and therefore read assemblies which contain them.
  • Converting An Enter Key Press Into A Tab Key Press For Web Forms – Brian Jackett shares a simple bit of JavaScript which converts enter key presses into tabs having the effect that the enter key will move you into the next field on the Web Form rather than submitting the page.
  • Simple Query Results Caching with EF4 – Danny Simmons explores Caching query results in Entity Framework 4, addressing a particular problem he encountered in the field, and highlighting a few useful .NET 4 and EF4 features along the way.
  • Automated WPF functional tests using White – Laurent Kempé highlights a tool from ThoughtWorks which allows you to write functional tests for Rich Client Applications (Win32, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight and SWT) in .NET languages. White is based in the Microsoft UI Automation library, but abstracts away a lot of the complexity. Looks like a project to watch.