• Type initialization changes in .NET 4.0 – Jon Skeet looks at the differences in type initialization between .NET 3.5 and .NET 4, showing that .NET 4 has become more lazy than 3.5 about when it initializes types, waiting longer before actually doing the work.
  • FAQ :: Are all of the new concurrent collections lock-free? – ‘dashih’ discusses the use of locks within the new concurrent collections available in .NET 4 and how they are not completely lock free, utilising locks in certain places, but do use lock-free techniques to increase performance in certain areas.
  • Translating routes (ASP.NET MVC and Webforms) – Maarten Balliauw explores the use of Routes to provide translated URLs in WebForms and ASP.NET MVC instead of using country code and English phrases for the URL, with full support for all the MVC features such as action link and controller identification.
  • I just installed Visual Studio 2010, now how do I get Code Contracts? – Melitta Andersen talks through the process of getting the new Code Contracts functionality in your Visual Studio 2010 install, highlighting the separate installer and the project property that needs setting to enable the functionality.
  • Simulating Snakes and Ladders with a PLINQ Turbo boost – Samuel Jack looks at modelling the game of Snakes and Ladders and then set about analysing (by way of simulation) the typical lengths of game you can statistically expect, looking at improving the performance of the simulation using Parallel Extensions to LINQ,
  • View Models in ASP.NET MVC – Simon Ince answers the question ‘Should I have a view Model in my ASP.NET MVC architecture?’ very quickly and then shows three ways of coding starting from the no view model, moving through a container view model and finally to a true view model implementation.
  • Cross-thread operations with PostSharp – ‘Lesnikowski’ look at using PostSharp to inject code on method start to provide an easy means of calling methods on Winforms controls from any thread and ensuring that the call is made with BeginInvoke
  • Software Development Do’s and Dont’s – Michael Ceranski shares some of his wisdom gained over the years in the form of some do’s and don’ts con software development practices
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation – Udi Dahan – Mark Harris shares video of Udi Dahan’s recent talk on Command Query Responsibility Segregation delivered at the Victoria .NET Dev SIG on 19th Jan 2010.
  • Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network – Microsoft have updated their JavaScript CDN to include versions 1.4 and 1.41 of jQuery in addition to the 1.3.2 release. The one thing that does appear to be missing currently is the VSDOC version which gives intellisense in Visual Studio – hopefully that will appear soon.


  • Brighton ALT.NET Beers – 2nd February at The Skiff – Mike Hadlow gives notification of the next Brighton Alt,Net Beers event, to be held at a new venue, ‘The Skiff’ a co-working space in Brighton. Other than the location the format of the event will be as usual starting arround 7PM