Looking forward to the 8th DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper conference down in Reading tomorrow. As always, if you are there and spot me, please come over and say hello.


  • Announcing PostSharp 2.0 CTP 3 – Gael Fraiteur announces the release of the 3rd CTP release of PostSharp 2. This release is mostly a bugfix release over the previous CTP2 release and is set to expire on 1st March 2010
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework 2010-1-25: brief intro of new samples – All-In-One Code Framework got an update earlier this week which added a number of new samples for Azure, WorkFlow, Visual Studio Extensibility, and much more
  • NDepend v3 is now 100% integrated in Visual Studio – Patrick Smacchia talks about the new NDepend 3 Beta, and how it integrates tightly withVisual Studio, and the lengths they went to in ensuring that it performs well in the IDE. The Beta is available now, and works with VS 2005/2008 with support for some VS2010 builds.