• FAKE – F# Make – Version 0.10 released – FAKE is a ‘make’ like tool which allows you to automate your build process using code written in F#, allowing you the fuill benefit of the .NET Framework and the F# language. This release now uses interpreted F# rather than compiled, and improved Target Templates.
  • Windows Phones, and Windows Mobile 6.5 – Jon Box shares some information about the newly released Windows Mobile 6.5, and the enw Windows Phones branding.


  • Getting Started with Silverlight development – Tim Heuer has updated his 7 part series of posts looking at introducing developers to Silverlight Development. The series now contains details of some of the newer features of Silverlight. This is an introductory level series with plenty of code and screenshots to help along the way.
  • MvcContrib working on Portable Areas – Jeffrey Palermo gives an update on the MvcContrib project roadmap, talking about the concept of portable areas which will allow related pages to be grouped up into an assembly, and puts out a call for assistance on the project.
  • Brad Abrams : Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 26: Authentication and Personalization – Brad Abrams continues his series of posts on Silverlight 3 and the RIA Services. This part looks at authentication in more detail, and shows how you can personalise applications for the logged in user
  • Replacing ASP.NET Session with Velocity Session Provider – Gil Fink explores the use of the Velocity distributed Cache to provide distributed sessions support by way of a supplied custom provider, looking at how you go about configuring this.
  • Exploring the ASP.NET MVC 2 futures assemby – Maarten Balliauw takes a look at what is inside the ASP.NET MMC 2 Futures assembly. This library gives a glimpse at the some of the things that the ASP.NET MVC team are considering including in future releases, and Martin in this post takes a look at what is inside currently
  • Introduction to the Visual Studio Extensions series – Kate Gregory shares a number of presentations about Visual Studio Extensibility. These are slide decks, detailed speaker and demo notes and soem video content to help you prepare. The full list of the posts from this series can be found here
  • Extending the Entity Framework Provider Model to support DDL – The Entity Framework Design team share another view into the design process with a discussion of how they are considering implementing Database Definition Language support for entity framework code only processes. As always they are interested in your feedback
  • What Sort Of Thing is Programming? Really? – Alfred Thompson asks an interesting question about what people consider programming to be. This post sumaries some of the responses he got and and discusses the various comparisons
  • Lightweight Debugging for Hybrid C#/IronPython Apps – Harry Pierson starts a series of posts looking at providing a means for lightweight debugging for the increasing numbers of people who are working on polyglot projects involving both Iron Python and C#. This part outlines the sample application that uses both technologies which will be the basis of the rest of the discussion