Post 450 feels like it should be a significant milestone, but really is isn’t – looks like the big 500 is going to occur on 17th December if my maths is correct – I’d better start preparing something special 🙂



  • A new MSDN for a new Operating System and a new Development Environment – Scott Hanselman talks about the work his team ahve been involved in in creating the new look MSDN site, giving some information on how the new designs / functionality came about, as well as a preview of how things will be looking
  • Bootstrapping NHibernate with StructureMap – Weston Binford begins the process of creating a sample project which demonstrates how you can combine NHibernate with the StructureMap IOC/DI project. This post outlines the basis of the sample, requesting comments and feedback from the community
  • Introducing SmartyRoute: A smarty-ier way to do routing in ASP.NET applications – Eilon Lipton releases a sample solution which provides simple routing like functionality allowing you to easily create more friendly URLs for your pages
  • AutoMapper – the easy way to uncouple your classes – Maciej Gre? give some introductory information on the AutoMapper project, showing how you get up and running with it, along with a brief discussion of what it is and what its benefits are
  • AutoMapper Introduction and Samples from NETDUG – Richard Cirerol gives a little more detail on some of the facets of AutoMapper, along with highlighting some samples of it in use, including those from his recent NETDUG presentation.
  • The User-Agent String: Use and Abuse – Eric Law talks about the User Agent string, a feature of Internet Explorer he owned, the details about its specification, along with how the it is implemented in Internet Explorer
  • Echoes from the Stone Age – ‘Uncle’ Bob Martin responds to a number of the responses to the Duct Tape Programmer article by Joel Spolsky, talking about his use of TDD, Design Patterns, minimising concurrency, and the power of tests to discover the way to do something
  • My History of Visual Studio (Part 2) – Rico Mariani continues his personal history of Visual Studio with part 2 and Part 3
  • Hybrid App Debugging – TracebackDelegate and SetTrace – Harry Pierson continues his new series on debugging polyglot applications written in IronPython and C# with a look at debugging the Iron Python part using the new lightweight debugging functionality introduced in IronPython 2.6
  • Hybrid App Debugging Aside – The DLR Hosting API – Harry Pierson also shares an aside about the code required to host an IronPython script inside the CLR calling from C#
  • This isn’t an error? – Patrick Steele highlights an interesting feature of object initialisers which initially looks like something that would cause a compile error, but in fact is allowed by the specification.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Azure as a Developer – MSDev.Com have 18 presentations on Windows Azure, ranging from 15 minutes of content up to 1 hour covering the range of topics which make up the Azure whole, from the .NETServices, Queues, SQL Azure to the hosting environment