• Texo – My Power Shell Continuous Integration Server – Ayende talks about and releases the source for his home grown Continuous Integration solution ‘Texo’ which has been in use providing the CI for NHProf. Based on Powershell with a C# interface into IIS this looks like an interesting project to have a look at
  • S#arp Architecture Contrib…it’s alive! – Billy McCafferty proudly announces that his S#arp architecture project has now spawned a Contribs project bringing a number of new community additions to the framework


  • Why No Extension Properties? – Eric Lippert talks about the decision not to create support for extension properties given that .NET 3.5 brought about extension methods. Eric also provides interesing insight into how such decisions are made, looking at the key factors that result in features getting green lit for inclusion
  • Fun with Func<T,TResult> Delegates, Events and Async Operations – Rick Strahl explores the many uses of the Func<T, TResults> in place of custom delegate types for events, in Linq and also its role in async operations
  • Fast synchronization between a single producer and single consumer – Joe Duffy explores a technique for providing rather specialised yet highly efficient thread synchronisation between producer and consumer threads
  • Private Extension Methods – K. Scott Allen explores the concept of private extension methods. At first I couldn’t see the point of this, however once you read the example you will realise that this may be a useful trick in certain circumstances
  • What Do We Want in Silverlight Validation? – Shawn Wildermuth explores a number of scenarios for enabling validation in Silverlight for his Niagara project, and asks the community for feedback on his ideas
  • My History of Visual Studio (Part 1) – Rico Mariani provides his own personal history with Visual Studio in response to the recent Microsoft Documentary on Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio 2010 floating windows can be maximized – Daniel Moth highlights a small yet very nice feature of Visual Studio 2010’s new floating window / multi screen support