• TFS 2010 for SourceSafe Users – Brian Harry highlights the changes in TFS for Visual Studio TFS 2010 which make it easy to set up SourceSafe like features quickly and easily for small teams, and it would seem more competitively priced than before
  • MVVM Light Toolkit V2: What’s new? – Laurent Bugnion announces the release of the MVVM Light Toolkit V2. Following a short beta release cycle, Laurent has pushed the release button and made this toolkit for easy Model View View Model development in Silverlight and WPF officially available


  • Enterprise Library Validation example for ASP.NET MVC 2 – Brad Wilson looks at plugging in the Enterprise Library Validation functionality into the provider model provided byt ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2
  • ModelValidator in ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2 – Part 1 – ‘sankarsan’ starts a series exploring the model validation features present in the latest ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2. This first part looks at the Model Metadata and Model Metadata Provider interface, and Part 2 continues with a look at the Model Validator and ModelValidator Provider
  • Five Myths about Managed Code – Immo Landwerth explores five commonly held myths about Managed Code, discussing JIT compilation, the presence of generic co and contra-variance in earlier versions of the framework, static and dynamic language support, everything being an object, and the use of managed code at Microsoft
  • Lazy loading, Inheritance, and Persistence ignorance (part 3) – Thomas Weller continues his series on the behaviour of ORM libraries with a look at the loading process in NHibernate and how you can insert your own code at certain extension points.
  • Lookbehind in Regex searches – Rick Strahl explores the use of lookbacks in his regular expressions and shows how this powerful (if sometimes confusing) technique can be used
  • xProfiler – A generic OR/M Profiler – Ayende talks about his plans to create a generic profiler to support a number of different ORM technologies such as Linq-to-Sql, Subsonic, LLBLGen, and even your own data access layers. This will certainly be an interesting project and one that would really help the community
  • Writing meaningful, self-documenting, behavior-oriented tests – Daniel Cazzulino talks about his previous style of testing and how it has led him to explore Behaviour Driven styles of test to improve the clarity of his test naming
  • NHibernate dialect for SQL Azure – Fabio Maulo talks about a simple use of the NHibernate Extension framework to allow the NHibernate tests to function correctly against SQL Azure due to the limitation that all tables have to have a clustered index on SQL Azure
  • How we do things – Preamble and Contents – Scott C Reynolds starts what looks like an interesting series of posts on how the team he works with go about doing their job. This one looks like it will be a 20ish part series, and from the interesting looking content list one that will be well worth reading
  • Did you know you can use Amazon’s SimpleDB for free? – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of free accounts on Amazon’s Simple DB with the restriction that you can only transfer 1GB and not use more than 25 machine hours processing each month.
  • Sorting Lists using IComparable and IComparer Interface in .NET. – Abhishek D V takes a look at the two similarly named interfaces IComparable and IComparer, and shows how each is used to sort a list.
  • Model View Controller, Model View Presenter, and Model View ViewModel Design Patterns – Oleksiy Shelest explores three common patterns used to achieve the same kind of thing, MVC, MVP and MVVM, highlighting their differences and showing some fleshed out examples of the standard patterns in this Code Project Article
  • Coding: Rules of thumb – Mark Needham shares some of his rules of thumb for development that he tries to avoid breaking unless absolutely necessary.
  • Delegate Mapper – Greg Young shares a useful snippet for mapping delegates from a base class onto a derived class