• Pex 0.16.40915.5: Moles, a lightweight Detour Framework, and better support for Test Frameworks – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux announces the latest release of PEX which includes Moles, an extenion of the Stubs framework which enables you to replace any .NET method with your own implementation as a delegate. Other features include the inclusion of a HostType for Pex for better integration with the Visual Studio Unit Test Framework and easier integration with your test framework of choice
  • Anti-XSS Library V3.1 – Microsoft have released an update to their Anti-Cross Site Scripting library whch helps to sanitize user provided HTML input. Details of the new features can be found in AntiXSS v3.1 new features by Syed Aslam Basha.


  • Actually Querying with the Specification Pattern – Chris Missal continues exploring the Specification pattern and implementations of it and the repository. In his post Chris explores backing the repository onto a collection allowing querying against that collection, and explores backing it onto Linq-to-mocks collections which are a part of the Moq framework
  • Drawing the Line Between MVC Controllers and Application Services – Billy McCafferty talks about the decision of where to draw the line between your UI / presentation code and your application code, and how the evolution of application frameworks such as web forms, ASP.NET MVC and DD practices have changed the rules
  • How to Unit Test ASP.NET MVC Controllers | Arrange Act Assert – Jag Reehal also talks a little about what should be a part of your ASP.NET MVC controller and looks at testing controllers in detail with a number of good examples.
  • ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 – Working with Converters and the new CDN – Fredrik Normén continues exploring the new ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 release with a look at the new converters feature which works with the libraries databinding functionality, and also takes a look at how you can work with the new CDN from Microsoft which hosts the Ajax library .
  • Microsoft Ajax CDN and the jQuery Validation Library – Stephen Walther talks about the Microsoft Ajax CDN which provides an edge content delivery network containing the ASP.NET AJAX libraries along with JQuery and the JQuery Validation library. In this post Stephen talks about the Validator library and how you can easily use it to gain client side validation.
  • Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs – A very useful Cheat Sheet from Virtuosi Media detailing how you can work around a number of common IE6 bugs, along with other coping strategies for working with this old (yet still officailly supported by MS) browser
  • NCover and NUnit Can Play Nicely on x64 – Justin Etheredge talks about how he managed to get NUnit and NCover (free) to work together on the x64 platform. Having recently moved over to an x64 based machine I’ve found this type of gotcha to be time consuming and anoying.
  • Gotchas: Adding Attributes to Properties on Interfaces in F# – Ade Miller looks at how adding attributes on properties as a part of interfaces in F# triggers a bug in the F# May 2009 CTP, and offers a work around for this problem which makes consumption with things like Unity from C# more difficult
  • Interface Subscriptions Now Supported by MassTransit – Chris Patterson talks about a new feature being added to MassTransit to allow subscriptions based on interfaces to allow evolution of the messages being passed through Mass Transict and consumed .