• Qizmt – MapReduce On Windows – Scott Watermasysk shares the news that MySpace are releasing their MapReduce based data mining framework as open source. The release is an alpha release, but already it includes support for building MapReduce jobs in C#, an IDE / Debugger, cluster administration, failover, etc. This one looks like one to watch
  • Google Chrome after a year: Sporting a new stable release – Google announces a new stable version release of their Chrome web browser, taking Chrome to Version 3. The release contains a number of new features, along with what would seem to be a significant improvement in JavaScript performance


  • Auto-Start ASP.NET Applications (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series) – Scott Guthrie continues his series of posts looking at the new features of .NET 4 / Visual Studio 2010 with a look at the ability to have your ASP.NET applications automatically start without requiring a request to be serviced, meaning that your users shouldn’t see the first hit to the application start up penalty any more
  • Announcing the Microsoft AJAX CDN – Scott Guthrie also announces a new Content Delivery Network offering JQuery and ASP.NET AJAX libraries on a Microsoft powered edge delivery network offering the most speed possible for these shared libraries. This service is enabled very simply by setting one property of the Script Manager, and is free for both commercial and non-commercail use.
  • Trying MonoDevelop On OS X – Davy Brion dips a toe into the world of cross platform .NET Development exploring the MonoDevelop IDE running on OS X
  • Generating Dynamic Methods with Expression Trees in Visual Studio 2010 – Alexandra Rusina of the C# team takes a look at the extensions to expression trees which are a part of Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4, and shows how you can exploit these features to generate dynamic methods without resorting to writing MSIL.
  • Hacking LINQ Expressions: Select With Index – Keith Dahlby looks at Linq Query expressions and attempts to add in support to the select operation to allow it to expose the item index along with the item. Check the comments for some other solutions to this problem.
  • Linq to NHibernate Progress Report – Steve Strong gives another update on his work implementing the new Linq to NHibernate parser, which he is now making good progress with (which can be seen in the NHibernate Trunk)
  • Reflection with dynamic – Kirill Osenkov talks about some work done by Paul van Brenk during his time as an intern on the Visual C# IDE Team on using dynamic to make calling private mentods using refection easier. Krill also talks about the design decisions behind dynamic (and other feautes) and how these principles give the resultant language such power.
  • Generically Constraining F# – Part I – Matthew Podwysocki picks up on the work Jon Skeet has been doing looking at generic constraints in C# for Enums and delegates and shows how in F# all these things are possible, and how having the language designed by one of the key people in designing the generics functionality can help.
  • Simple auditing using an NHibernate IInterceptor (Part 4) – Scott Kirkland continues his series looking at using the IInterceptor functionality of NHibernate to build auditing support in your applications. This part looks at hooking all the functionality into the NHibernate session and giving it a try
  • Shrinkr – Url Shrinking Service Developed with Entity Framework 4.0, Unity, ASP.NET MVC And jQuery (Part 3) – Kazi Manzur Rashid continues his series on building a URL shortening service using .NET with a look at compiled query support in the Entity Framework
  • Take Two: A jQuery WCF/ASMX ServiceProxy Client – Rick Strahl revisits the idea of having a jQuery powered proxy for ASMX and WCF web services rather than using the Microsoft AJAX libraries script reference. Full code of the implementation is provided.
  • Microsoft Chart Controls to PDF with iTextSharp and ASP.NET MVC – Mike Brind takes a look at embedding the Microsoft Chart Control charts inside dynamically created PDF documents using iTextSharp and the ASP.NET MVC
  • Best Practice No 4:- Improve bandwidth performance of ASP.NET sites using IIS compression – Shivprasad koirala takes a look at the built in compression in IIS and explores its usefulness, how it works and how to configure it in this Code Project article.
  • Challenge: NH Prof Exporting Reports – Ayende issues a chalenge to create a reporting feature for NHProf creating PDF versions of some sample reports, and winning yourself some fame and a license to NHProf.