• xVal v1.0 Now Available – Steve Sanderson announces the version1 release of xVal his Validation Helper for ASP.NET MVC. New in this release are support for dynamic client side validation summaries, support for remote ajax based validation, and localisation into a number of languages. This post also give a simple getting started tutorial


  • Getting to know .net build tools – Garren explores two of the common .NET Build tools, looking at NAnt and Rake, showing a configuration for a CI build in each.
  • How A .NET Developer Hacked Out A Rake Task – Derick Bailey takes a look at building a ‘real’ Rake custom task, and then looks at some alternative ways of handling dependencies in custom tasks in his next post An Alternate Way To Handle Task Dependencies In Custom Rake Tasks
  • The cost of latent logging code – Mark S. Rasmussen shows a useful technique for improving the performance of logging code when logging is disabled by deferring the execution of building the message until we know logging is on, and maintaining noise free logging code.
  • Integrating OpenID in an ASP.NET MVC Application using DotNetOpenAuth – Rick Strahl shows how he integrated Open ID authentication into his CodePaste.Net code sharing application using the DotNetOpenAuth library
  • The case for two-way mapping in AutoMapper – Jimmy Bogard talks about some of the requests he gets for features for his AutoMapper library, and looks at the core use cases it was developed for. Jimmy also asks the community for the use cases where they might require two way mapping
  • Introduction to Data Binding in Silverlight 3 with CTP2 – Shayne Burgess runs through the process of working with the ADO.NET Data Services 1.5 CTP2 release support for databinding in Silverlight 3 applications, showing an end to end tutorial to build some simple functionality using this feature.
  • Developing for Surface, part I – Dennis Vroegop starts a series of posts talking about development for the Microsoft Surface, proving an interesting insight into the device and its features for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have one to play with
  • NHibernate Image User Type – Ricardo Peres looks at how you can create a custom type in NHibernate to support image data stored in your database being pulled out and sent back via NHibernate
  • Professional NHibernate Support – Steve Strong shares the news of his employers new support offerings for NHibernate, joining the support programme Ayende announced recently. This one is priced slightly differently, with ‘points’ being purchased and support activities costing specific numbers of points
  • Bringing The Heat With Dynamic – Justin Etheredge re-invigorates his enthusiasm with the C# language (and the .NET platform) by taking a look at the dynamic support being added in V4, and talks about how it moved C#/.NET ahead of other platforms
  • Fun with C# 4.0’s dynamic – Bertrand Le Roy discusses some of the hotly debated items arising from the introduction of the dynamic keyword and looks at some of its power, suggesting that given some time everyone will find it indispensable.
  • TDD: Testing with generic abstract classes – Mark Needham takes a look at using abstract classes to provide the basis for testing similar structures in the model.


  • Video of the Continuous Integration workshop – Eric Hexter shares some video / slide content from the recent Continuous Integration Workshop held in Austin. The three hours of content include coverage of automated build and deploy, continuous database integration, continuous testing, and software configuration management. Well worth checking out