• AutoMapper 1.0 RC1 released – Jimmy Bogard annouces the release of AutoMapper 1.0 RC1, his library for easily mapping data between object graphs. This release brings some significant improvements and new features, and from here to the 1.0 release Jimmy will be making only bugfixes
  • MonoTouch 1.0 goes live – Miguel de Icaza shares thw news of the release of MonoTouch 1.0, a commercial library for the Mono platform which makes it possible to work with the features found on the IPhone and IPod Touch. Licenses stare at $399 for a personal license.
  • Announcing Gallio and MbUnit v3.1! – Jeff Brown announces the release of Gallio and MbUnit 3.1, a complete testing platform. Jeff’s post gives a really comprehensive run through of all the new features including such gems as video capture (useful for UI Testing), a bunch of enhancements to MbUnit such as new asserts, retry support, and details lots of platform improvements in Gallio.
  • Object Hydrator fills your objects with random data…on purpose! – Ryan Smith talks about his Object Hydrator project, a testing tool which allows you to pass objects in and have them filled with test data using some predefined generators. A useful sounding tool, and something I can see being really useful for building demo data.