Impressive thunderstorms here in Liverpool last night, unfortunately it still feels like today is going to be another warm and humid day.


  • Firefox 3.5: The fastest fox has landed – Ajaxian highlights the release of FireFox 3.5, a significant upgrade to the FireFox Web Browser, brining with it a number of exciting (for web developers) features including Open Video Support, GeoLocation APIs, Native JSON, etc
  • Updated TDD Productivity Plug-in for Resharper – Eric Hexter announces an update to his Resharper based plugin which brings a number of useful features into the IDE for performing Test Driven Development


  • Some Cool Mono Announcements – Miguel de Icaza shares some more exciting news from the Mono Project, with their latest release including the Open Source Microsoft ASP.NET MVC platform integrated, along with a huge number of other announcements. Also interesting is the MonoSpace Conference a recently announced 3 day event to be held in Austin Texas in October.
  • What is Unit Testing? – Justin Etheredge talks about the actual definition of a Unit test, and how it differs from many of the other types of test, and urges you to give writing proper unit tests a try on your next project
  • One Public Type Per File – Chris Eargle urges us to remember one of the rules layed out in the Framework Design Guidelines book by Krysztof Kwalina and Brad Abrahams of only having one public type per code file. I have to confess that not following this rule is one of my biggest annoyances when exploring other peoples projects
  • 20 Most Interesting Silverlight Tutorials – AjaxLine pulls together links to 20 varied Silverlight tutorials, ranging from line of business style applications right through to a tetris clone
  • 23 features of an enterprise data access layer – Tim Stall looks at the kind of features that you need in an Enterprise Data Access layer, breaking them into must have, good to have, and Wow levels
  • Running development from a RAM disk – options and products – Jeffrey Palermo continues his discussions of working from a RAM disk for performance in testing and running the test database, looking at how this can be achieved
  • The Four Pillars of Maintainable Software – ‘rsriley’ addresses the 4 key pillars of development, in this Code Project article


  • Want to see ScottGu talk ASP.NET MVC? [UK] – Mike Ormond highlights two events this week that ScottGu (yes, the real ScottGu) is talking at in the south of the UK. The first is tomorrow on Silverlight at the London.NET User group, and the second on ASP.NET MVC is Friday afternoon at Microsoft’s Reading offices
  • Alt.NET Bristol Beers #1 – Guy Smith-Ferrier shares the announcement of the first Alt.NET Beers event to be held in Bristol, UK. The First event is on Tuesday 21st July, starting at 6pm