• Announcing PostSharp 1.5 RC2 – The PostSharp Team announce the second release candidate release of V1.5, with 10 minor fixes ovoer the previous version, of which they consider two require testing by the community before 1.5 can be called stable


  • Three IIS Concepts ASP.NET Developers Should Know – K. Scott Allen highlights a video he produced for Pluralsight which aims to teach the basics of IIS websites, Virtual Directories and applications. If you are an ASP.NET Dev you owe it to yourself to know this stuff
  • From NUnit to MSTest – Patrick Weibel looks at the differences between these two testing frameworks as a part of the process of moving from NUnit to MSTest
  • WPF Localization Guidance Paper Posted on CodePlex – Rick Strahl announces the publication of his guidance paper on performing Localisation in WPF Applications, looking at the various different ways of achieving localisation using LocBaml and Resx resources along with some custom implementations
  • The Videos for NDC 2009 are online – Jeremy D. Miller highlights the availability of the videos of sessions from the recent Norwegian Developers Conference which seems to have attracted a large number of well known speakers, so it’ll be good to watch a few sessions from it after the event.
  • Reporting against a domain model – Peter van Ooijen looks at creating reports using his NHibernate backed Domain Model and the client side reporting capabilities introduced in VS2005
  • Acceptance Test Engineering Guide Beta 2 Now Available – J.D. Meier announces the second beta release of the Patterns and Practices team’s Guide to Acceptance Test Engineering, a document which over 19 chapters goes through all the planning, creating, measuring and refining of an acceptance test process
  • 7 July release of the new .NET Services CTP – Philippe Destoop shares some information on the forthcoming .NET Services CTP release, which includes a temporary removal of workflow services
  • Small Basic : Sample of the week: Gorillas – Its great to see Small Basic recapturing (and in this case reimplementing) some of the fun that programming was back in the 8bit and Qbasic era. I was only recently talking with a number of friends about Gorillas and nibbles and the fun that could be had hacking on the source, so its good to have a modern rebuild for the next generation
  • Save Some Time With The Right Testrunner – Davy Brion highlights the significant difference in test running speed between different test runners, one of the reasons why I use the NUnit runner for full test runs and the ReSharper runner for individual tests and debugging tests
  • ASP.NET WebForms: Taking Back the HTML – Dave Reed takes a look at a technique you can use to get more control over the HTML created by your web forms controls