• DDD: Specification or Query Object – Greg Young looks at using Specifications with repositories and explores some of the ups and downs of this approach compared to the Query Object approach.
  • LINQ to Objects and Buffer<T> – Alex James talks about some problems he ran into when working with custom collection classes and LINQ to Objects due to incorrect counts being returned from the collection class.
  • BDD With MSTest – Eric Lee shares an adapter class which he is using to make writing BDD style tests using MSTest in his preferred style.
  • ADO.NET Data Services – Enforcing FK Associations and a Fix for Deleting Entities – Beth Massi continues her series on the ADO.NET Data Services frameowrk, and in this part looks at enforcing constraints between tables when creating and deleting entities.
  • Getting started with NLog – Mike Comstock explores getting up and running the the NLog logging framework
  • Design principles – Laila Bougria talks about a number of the best practice design principles for software development. Breifly covering Solid, DRY, YAGNI and the law of demeter with links to other resources on the subject.
  • CHESS: Find and Reproduce Concurrency Heisenbugs – Madan Musuvathi shares some details of the CHESS project from Microsoft Research. This project provides a custom scheduler for threading which aims, with unit tests to find concurrency bugs in code by analysing different ways the code could be run. CHESS was featured on the MS Research at PDC edition of the Hanselminutes podcast.
  • Custom ASP.NET Server Controls and Language Localization – Dan Wahlin looks at using satellite assemblies for localising his ASP.NET Server Controls
  • How does ASP.NET MVC work? – ‘gopalk’ explores how ASP.NET MVC works within the ASP.NET Environment, looking at how your requests get from IIS to the ASP.NET MVC execution.
  • Functional Programming Unit Testing – Using Type Classes – Matthew Podwysocki continues his series on Function Programming Testing with another look at QuickCheck and FSCheck, this time looking at the concept of Type Classes for implementing operators for property based tests.
  • Fluent NHibernate: Auto Mapping Components – James Gregory continues his series on the Fluent NHibernate project with a look at automapping for components from database columns in the same table as the entity data to a related object off the entity.
  • Enterprise Library Logging 101 – David Starr shows the steps required to get up and running with the Patterns and Practices Enterprise Library Logging Framework.


  • Last call for Thursday: opensource .net mini conference in London – Gojko Adzic reminds us about this Thursdays Open Source .NET exchange conference in London. This evening conference has an impressive agenda and will be covering a good number of interesting topics. There are over 200 people registered for this free event, however there are still spaces available, but you do need to register before the event.
  • Inaugural Meeting Of The Gloucestershire .NET User Group – Guy Smith-Ferrier announces the line up and date ffor the first meeting of the new Gloucestershire .NET User Group
  • Introducing – Kazi Manzur Rashid announces the launch of, a site running on the KiGG codebase, which was developed as a sample application based on ASP.NET MVC and borrowing heavily from the ideas behind sites like Digg.
  • Did You Know? I’m speaking at a the SSWUG Virtual Conference! – Kalen Delaney is going to be speaking at the SSWUG SQL Server virtual conference to be held on 22nd-24th April. Kalen has a discount code which entitles you to a further discount on top of the early bird rate of $80.