• Jimmy Bogard Spawns His AutoMapper OOM (object-object mapper) – Jeffrey Palermo highlights a new project by Jimmy Bogard. Auto Mapper is a convention based object mapping library which aims to make it easier to map from domain objects to DTOs
  • XGENO.ORM – XGENO.ORM is a new Object Relational Mapper project release on the site, which appears to be from a Bahrain based company. The empahsis on this project seems to be easy of use, simplicity and performance, so it may be one to watch.


  • Real Swiss don’t need SRP, do they? – Gabriel Schenker celebrates his move to Los Techies with an excellent and detailed post on the Single Responsibility Principle, including showing how you can refactor code that violates the SRP into code that conforms.
  • ASP.NET MVC Tip #46 – Don’t use Delete Links because they create Security Holes – Stephen Walther highlights an important security consideration for the humble delete link, and how it can be exploited. Another problem with using delete links is that if someone uses one of the many tools to make a website available off line it will follow the delete links and your database will rapidly empty of valid content. Stephen looks at an alternative and safer implementation using AJAX
  • Introduction to NHibernate, pt. 4 – Ian Cooper continues his series on NHibernate with a look at the support inheritance amongst entities.
  • C#: Builder pattern still useful for test data – Mark Needham considers if the Object Builder pattern still has a place in the .NET 3.5 world where object initializers are now supported.
  • Thoughts on Three Monitors for Developers – Just when you though your developers had enough screens, Roland Weigelt talks about life with 3 monitors. Contra to the popular belief, I’ve actually found myself being far more productive with just one (laptop) screen recently.
  • Application Patterns for Application Architecture – J.D. Meier announces the Patterns and Practices Application Architecture teams latest patterns, a set of Application patterns covering REST, Rich Clients, Rich Internet Applications and Web Applications.
  • All Microsoft SDKs in one place! – Karin Meier highlights a page on the Microsoft site which contains links to all the (50+) software development kits available from Microsoft.
  • LINQ Overview Concept Map & Concept map of rough edges in ADO.NET 3.5 SP1 – Eric Nelson shares two concept maps of the technologies and relationships between them for ADO.NET and LINQ
  • Shrinking code for the Mix09 10k challenge – Timmy Kokke talks about some code minimisation techniques that may come in handy when working on challenges like the Mix09 10k challenge. Of course you’d never use any of this in a normal system (would you?) but its still very interesting to see what can be done.
  • Installing ReSharper 4.5 in an Experimental Visual Studio Hive – James Kovacs talks about his experiences installing the bleeding edge of ReSharper (v 4.5 nightly builds) into the Experimental Visual Studio Hive, allowing it to be kept separate from his main VS installation.
  • I am being stalked by CLR bugs – Ayende runs into some strangeness with finalizer behaviour, while a number of commenter’s to the post suggest that this is actually the expected behaviour. Further proof that the devil is in the detail.
  • Error Handling Customization for ASP.NET UpdatePanel – ‘msp.netdev’ looks at improving the error handling when dealing with update panels using a custom JavaScript error handler in this Code Project article.
  • Free E-Book of the Month from Microsoft – David McCollough highlights two free e-books from Microsoft Press in celebration of their 25th year. The e-books are free in the sense that you do have to sign up for the Microsoft Press newsletter in order to get them. The books on offer this month are a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services book and the Winows Server 2008 Core Admin Pocket Consultant.