• S#arp Architecture Beta 1.0 now available! – Billy McCafferty announces the bet release of this S#arp Architecture project, based on and integrating Castle Windsor, NHibernate, JSON,NET, Fluent NHibernate, NHibernate Validator, and many others into a full application framework, along with a load of documentation.


  • ASP Dynamic Data Preview – More ways to exploit ADO.NET Data Services for fun and profit – Scott Hanselman takes a look into some of the new features of the ASP.NET Dynamic Data 4.0 Preview 2 release showing how the framework gives your lots of functionality out of the box
  • EnumHelper – Getting a Friendly Description from an Enum – Grant Barrington looks at how you can give your Enum values a textual description with an attribute and helper method.
  • IRepository<T>: one size does not fit all – Richard Dingwall looks into repositories, looking at four different styles of repository implementation.
  • Writing Unit Tests That People Can Read – Eric Lee talks about unit testing, and examines a number of the current trends in the field – AAA (Arrainge Act Assert) mocks, BDD (Behaviour Driven Design) and Specifications
  • Back to basics: Why use garbage collection – Abhinaba Basu looks at why we have Garbage collection, and what can go wrong when you don’t have managed GC.
  • Castle ActiveRecord and Linq – Ryan Schreiber shares the binary fruits of his labours building Castle Active Record with the latest NHibernate and NHibernate.Linq to add Linq support to Active Record.
  • F# vs C# vs Java: Functional Collection Parameters – Mark Needham explores three of the common functional programming collection operations in three languages, Map, Reduce and Filter, comparing the implementation in F# with taht in C# and Java
  • Named Format Strings – ‘roboto’ provides his take on the Named Format String topic started (most recently) by Phil Haack. Roboto provides his own implementation, which from his benchmarks seems to be the fastest.
  • Exception Concepts for Business Applications. – Adriaan Davel talks about the use and handling of exceptions in Business Applications in this CodeProject article. Adriaan looks at what you can do with exceptions (handling and logging) and also breaks the types of exceptions your business tier may throw down into common types of exception
  • UI Patterns for WPF – Christopher Bennage begins a series looking at UI patterns, starting out with some background on why we want patterns, and taking a quick look at Model-View-Presenter and autonomous view.


  • Virtual TechDays – Microsoft are running three days of Virtual Technology events in mid February, with two tracks on the first day (one developer one IT Pro) and 5 on teh second and third (3 Dev, 2 IT) with a wide range of topics this looks like it will be well worth checking out. The event runs 10am – 5pm (GMT+5:30).