Today’s edition is a bumper one with the .NET community having had a busy blogging and software publishing weekend.


  • NHibernate.Linq Alpha Released – nhusers – NHibernate.Linq is a Linq implementation for NHibernate 2.0.1 GA users. This initial release is using the NHibernate Criteria API under the covers, however the plan is to move away from this in the future. The alpha version query support is limited and is missing group joins and subqueries in select clauses.
  • ASP.NET Session Monitor 1.0 Released to MSDN Code Gallery – Colby Africa announces the release of a tool to help inspect and monitor the contents of SQL Server backed ASP.NET Session information, which grew out of some real debugging requirements from the past.
  • Prism V2 – Drop 9 Now Available – The 9th development release of Prism means that they are getting very close to their mid-February final release. This release focuses on the documentation and also a re-skinning of the sample application
  • PostSharp – Announcing PostSharp 1.0 SP1 – The PostSharp team announce the release of Service Pack 1 for PostSharp 1.0, fixing a number of issues in the 1.0 release and adding some significant performance improvements.
  • NUnit 2.5 Beta 2 – NUnit 2.5 moves on to its second beta release which now supports Theories, updates to the assertation helper, support for difference CLR versions and some changes the the GUI runner.


  • DDD: The Generic Repository – Greg Young looks at the generic repository and questions its direct use, suggesting an alternative use where the generic repository is housed inside a custom repository to avoid having generic functionality exposed which could allow client code to do anything they wanted. Mike Hadlow has also been continuing his exploration of repositories with a look at whatEric Evans has to say about the repository
  • Why Oslo is Important – Dan Vanderboom explores Oslo examining why people are confused about Oslo and looking at the what and why of the various components that make up Oslo.
  • Limiting Code Comments Increases Maintainability – Jeffrey Palermo discusses the use of comments in code, and suggests that by limiting the need for comments (i.e. making your code more understandable and readable) your code will be more maintainable (as the comments that are there won’t go out of date and the code speaks for itself).
  • The danger of commenting out code – Mark Needham is also talking about comments, but this post is about the commenting out of code, and how it is a bad practice when you have any level of version control involved.
  • Abstracting Request State – Davy Brion talks about the danger of using threadstatic storage for request scoped objects in ASP.NET and looks at providing an alternative abstraction to support storage of request scoped objects for ASP.NET and WCF code.
  • Language Envy – String Interpolation – Sergio Pereira is envious of the support for combining string literals and variables in other languages, and suggests some possible equivalent C# syntax for the future. Some suggestions ensue in the comments to the post.
  • How big is a string in .NET? – Jason Crease examines the size of the string data type and also explores the behaviour of strings and the stringbuilder class.
  • Building Scalable Databases: Pros and Cons of Various Database Sharding Schemes – Dare Obasanjo looks at sharding techniques in the database and how it can be achieved and what the effect on your data access code is.
  • Mono vs. .NET Framework: Public API Compatibility – Patrick Smacchia uses NDepend to analyse the level of compatibility between Mono 2.0 and .NET 3.5 SP1, detailing the areas of the framework that are not well supported.
  • How to unit test this code? – Scott Dorman asks how he can unit test code that tests Operating System and Hardware types. Some interesting comments associated with this post
  • An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows – The Git version control system has become increasingly popular in recent months, and this nice step by step guide to getting it working on Windows with the GUI is a really nice introduction to the Git system.
  • Gotchas: Migration from IIS6 + SQL 2005 (32-bit) to IIS7 + SQL 2008 (64-bit) – J Kealey shares some of the problems and solutions involved in migration from 32bit IIS6 to 64bit IIS 7, and moving from MS SQL 2005 32bit to MS SQL 2008 64bit
  • Microsoft .NET Services Whitepapers by Pluralsight – Aaron Skonnard announces 4 white papers from Pluralsight on the .NET Services which are a part of the Azure Services Platform, covering introductory topics for developers,access control, the service bus and the workflow service.