Slow day yesterday for posts, looks like we may be heading into the holiday season earlier than I had expected.


  • Windows Update Now… – Greg Duncan highlights a very important security patch for Internet Explorer 5, 6, and 7. Make sure you get this patch installed as the vulnerability that is fixes has been publicly disclosed.
  • Choosing Between WebForms and MVC – Vaibhav looks at the criteria by which you can make a decision between Microsoft’s two web platforms, looking at the benefits and disadvantages of each, along with a simple decision flow.
  • Migrations in C# using RikMigrations – Justin Etheredge explores RikMigration, a Ruby on Rails like Database Migration framework for .NET
  • Continuous Integration Builds – Do’s And Don’t’s – Igor Brejc looks at some continuous integration best practices in the form of a Do and Don’t list
  • Performance optimization of ASP.NET applications on client-side – Khurram Shehzad explores the possible performance optimisation of an ASP.NET from the client side, looking at what you can do to improve the client side experience by tweaking Javascript, CSS, etc
  • Publish Server Performance Monitors with MsChart – Muhanad Younis explores the Microsoft Chart Library and combines it with Windows Performance counters to give some web visibility to performance counters.
  • Optimizing your route collection for URL generation in ASP.NET MVC (and more!) – Eilon Lipton looks at a few techniques to help your ASP.NET MVC routing (and anywhere else its used) perform more optimally.
  • Do you suffer from this condition? – Ryan Lanciaux coins an amusing term relating to the Oxcite debate. I really do hope that people are NOT becoming afraid of releasing their code, after all feedback from our peers is how we should all be improving ourselves.
  • ASP.NET MVC Samples, Oxite, and Community – Scott Hanselman extracts some of the positives of the Oxcite debate, and also talks about the importance of reading lots of sample code, drawing your own conclusions, and remembering that they are just samples after all, and are not gospel.
  • Oxite Refactor, Take 1 – Rob Conery takes positive action on the Oxcite CMS debate by rolling up his sleeves and getting involved in the project.
  • Rhino Service Bus – Ayende talks about his latest project, a simple Service Bus implementation written in C#3 and using MSMQ4. Access to the source is provided.