• CruiseControl.NET 1.4.2 Released – Thoughtworks announce the release of CuriseControl.Net 1.4.2 a bugfix release which contains fixes for a few subversion issues (and a couple of other fixes)


  • Cecil.Decompiler – Jean-Baptiste Evain announces his latest project, a reflector like tool for cecil, allowing you to decompile code and view the decompiled source. Its early days for this project but it looks like it has a lot of potential.
  • Debugging OutOfMemoryExceptions in managed code using Windbg – Amol Ravande steps through a few steps showing how to debug memory problems using the Windbg debugger
  • Measure Performance With Stopwatch – Alois Kraus discusses the problems with measuring performance of your code, and looks at a few techniques and ideas for measuring performance
  • Processes in .NET Part 2 – Performing Actions on Files with Verbs – Rick Minerich continues his series on processes in .NET with a look at how you can start proceses from a file registered to that type, and how by using the verbs associated with that file type you can achieve impressive integration with the applications without having to do any specific work for that application.
  • Java for .Net? Ja! – Greg Duncan highlights a project which aims to bring Java to the .NET platform as a first class language.
  • Query Data with Parallel LINQ – Charlie Calvert explores PLINQ in the form of the Microsoft Parallel Extensions to .NET 3.5 pre-release in order to get the functionality now, and looks at how you can utilise it to improve your LINQ query performance.
  • Extending the Visual-Studio Context-Menu – Adrian Aisemberg show how you can extend the Visual Studio IDE using the built in macro language to add some useful context menu additions in the solution explorer.
  • Free ASP.NET to Silverlight 2 Book – Derek @ Ardent Dev highlights a possible mistake by a publisher which allows you to preview the whole of Jumping from ASP.NET To Silverlight 2 mini-book as sample chapters.
  • Launched my personal Codeplex project: – Scott Galloway announces his own CodePlex project, a forum application, and in this post sets out the plans for the technologies he is planning to use.
  • The CLR, Performance and the unruly child – Allan da Costa Pinto highlights some interesting presentations over at the Microsoft XNA Developer Presentations section.
  • The Live Framework: What is it and Why Should I Care? (PDF) – An interesting summary PDF from the Live Framework team which attempts to explain why you would want to use the Live Framework