• Interactive Code Dependencies Graph – Patrick Smacchia announces the release of NDepend v2.10, and give a nice preview of Interactive Code Dependency Graphs, the significant new feature of this release. NDepend just seems to keep getting better – I really need to get round to having a play with it again.
  • NConsoler – command line parser library for .NET – Maxim Tihobrazov shares a library which gives a nice simple way of working with command line parameters when construction command line tools.


  • Logging enumeration flow – Jon Skeet examines the IEnumerable.Intersect function and along with way shows how you can add logging into your IEnumerables to help see when they are evaluated.
  • ASP.NET Memory – Identifying pages with high Viewstate – Tess shows how you can identify pages which have large viewstate from a memory dump using the debugger
  • Persistence Ignorance (POCO) Adapter for Entity Framework V1 – Jaroslaw Kowalski shows how you can use your POCO (Plain old CLR Objects) with the entity framework by using adapters to add in the the EF change tracking functionality.
  • Unity – Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Container – Misbah Arefin looks at the concepts behind Dependency Injection, and examines the functionality offered by the Microsoft Unity framework.
  • Expose New Linq Operations from the Screaming HashSet<T> Collection – Damon Wilder Carr looks at the combining Linq and the HashSet<T> class to provide high performance querying, illustrating this is an example based on scanning the registry.
  • Microsoft IE8 and Google Chrome – Processes are the New Threads – Scott Hanselman looks at the new vogue for isolating browser tabs in their own process, and looks at how implementations differ across platforms.
  • Enterprise Library 4.0 now Open Source – Miguel de Icaza shares some more good news for Mono, recent changes to the license for the Enterprise library have brought it under the MS-PL license which is an open source friendly license.
  • NHibernate Deep Grok – Tobin Harris announces a new Google custom search powered search site which aims to provide good quality NHibernate context search results.
  • Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 2 – I missed the first part of this series which seems to be a very good considered review of IOC/DI frameworks for .NET. I always find these types of comparisons to be very useful when making technical decisions
  • When to use Type Inference – Type inference seems to be one of those topics that split the developer camp – some love it and some hate it. This short article explains one of the view points regarding adoption of ‘var’.
  • Transparent Windows in WPF – Dwayne Need takes a look at how WPF creates transparent windows, and how those windows behave once you’ve got them transparent.
  • Tech-Ed Training Sessions DVD – Austin Avrashow considers the value of the Tech-Ed 2008 conference DVD set – at $1.25 per hour for good technical content it almost makes me wish I had a long commute to work where I could watch this stuff.
  • New PDC Topics Published – PDC 2008 is looking like its going to be Christmas come early at the end of October. The (still growing) session list contains some real gems already – I look forward to some of this content becoming available online post conference.