• JSON for the Compact Framework – Karl Seguin announces an early release of JsonCF a compact framework 2.0 JSON serializer and Deserializer which can be used in the Compact Framework as well as the Full Framework.


  • Evolving a .NET Framework 2.0 Application to .NET Framework 3.5 – Brad Abrams highlights a paper about migrating a .NET 2 application to .NET 3.5, looking at the choices that will need to be made.
  • C# Eval: An Embeddable Compiler – Following on from the C# Interactive Shell, Miguel de Icaza has made some changes to allow Eval functionality in C#.
  • Vexing exceptions – Eric Lippert explains how he classifies exceptions into four categories, and then when trying to write exception handling code uses these classifications to help decide how to handle the exception.
  • NHibernate 2.0 and Linq – Ayende explains the plan for Linq to NHibernate, and highlights the current community offering which will run on NHibernate V2.
  • Object Oriented F# – Extension Everything – Matthew Podwysocki looks at Extension Methods in C# 3,0 and F#, and talks about the differences.
  • TDD and Hard To Test Areas, Part 2 – Ian Cooper follows up on the first part from a few months back, looking at the things that are difficult to test for developers adopting TDD, and shows techniques that can help in a number of situations.
  • Improve your C# with IronRuby – Justin Etheredge suggests that we can learn some interesting things about C# development by looking at the MS-PL licensed code for IronRuby – and I’d have to agree, I think the best way to learn and improve your command of any language is to read some code written by other developers.
  • Building the “Good Enough” Framework – Keith Elder shares his notes from an open spaces session held by DevLink about things to consider when building a framework.
  • Why a comparison of a value type with null is a warning? – Kirill Osenkov asks the C# Compilter Team a seemingly simple question, and gets a really well considered answer
  • Silverlight Foundations: Hello, World! – Kevin Babcock gives a quick start guide to getting up and developing using Silverlight 2.0, working through the required components to install, through to the basic hello world.
  • Quality and code coverage – Jimmy Bogard questions the motivation to get to 100% code coverage, argues that the last few percent will take an inordinate amount of work
  • ASP.NET MVC Tip #42 – Use the Validation Application Block – Stephen Walther looks at implementing Model Based validation in ASP.NET MVC using the Patterns and Practices Validation Application Block.
  • Client & Server Side Validation in ASP.NET MVC – It looks like validation in ASP.NET MVC is a hot topic at the moment, and in this article Emad Ibrahim looks at implementing client side validation in JQuery, and server side validation using Castle Validator.
  • Subversion Support Comes to CodePlex… Sorta’ – Steve Harman explores SVNBridge on CodePlex, allowing access to the CodePlex TFS using Subversion


  • MSDN Social Bookmarks – Dan Rigsby talks about a new MSDN feature of social bookmarking which has been introduced this week.