• Getting started with Managed Extensibility Framework – Szymon Kobalczyk walks through one of the samples of the MEF, explaining what is going on.
  • Retrieving Web Resources and Content Types in Code – Rick Strahl looks at getting his embedded CSS and Javascript resources suitably tidy and compressed for delivery to the browser.
  • ASP.NET MVC Application Building: Forums #4 – Server-Side Form Validation – Stephen Walther continues his ASP.NET MVC best practices exploration series with a look at serverside validation.
  • Build the tools that aren’t there – Ayende talks about the benefits of having an automated build
  • Does ASP.NET magically handle thread safety for you? – The ‘How do you do that?’ blog looks at thread safety in ASP.NET, compiling a list of what is and isn’t thread safe – useful information if you’ve never thought about this kind of thing.
  • Interactive C# Shell – Miguel de Icaza talks about the C# Interactive Shell he recently created, which will be included in Mono 2.2 (and is already included in the Mono SVN if you wish to compile it yourself)
  • High maintenance – Eric Lippert examines a simple IEnumerable method that uses yield return to run through the lines of a file, and picks apart some of the bad things its doing which would increase the maintenance requirements of this method.
  • There’s no I in Interface. Oh, wait… – An interesting idea when it comes to naming interfaces, as the interface what it does. Seems to work pretty well too.
  • The Ultimate Steal is back – One for the Students (and teachers) – you can get Office 2007 Ultimate for £38.95, which is a huge saving over the list price. This page is for the UK, however I have seen mention of a similar offer for US based students.
  • Microsoft to end licensing Window 3.11 for the embedded industry – I thought Windows 3.11 had been killed off long ago, but it seems that it has lived on in the embedded industry (until November). It seems like there is quite a back lash from the embedded developer community judging by some of the comments on the linked article.
  • FREE! SQL Server 2008 {JumpStart} Training – A huge collection of Power point slides, documents, hands on labs sessions and videos covering a huge range of SQL 2008 topics. You’ll need Office 2007 viewer apps for some of these.
  • Simplicio: A Free Icon Set – I’m no graphic designer, so I always appreciate the efforts of others in creating great icons, and I like them all the more if they are royalty free.
  • SqlClient Timeouts Revealed – MattN posts up lots of information about the situations where SQLClient can give a timeout.
  • Singletons – Ricardo Peres looks at singletons, and how Serialization can break the principles behind using a singleton. Ricardo also proposes some additions to your singletons which help protect them further.