• Google Chrome – Download a new browser – So the big news in the last 24 hours seems to have been Google’s entry into the browser market, focusing on making the browser a better place for running application, Google Chrome has certainly set the blogging world on fire. For use developers probably the most important thing it that its based on the WebKit rendering engine, the same one used in Safari.
  • MSpec v0.2 – Aaron Jensen announces the release of MSpec (Machine Specification) v0.2. This release introduces some language changes along with improved reporting and a console runner.
  • Performance and memory profiler for .NET code – RedGate have now released the official release of ANTS Profiler 4, commercially licensed with prices starting at £195
  • SQL Server Monitor Version 1.1 – Shawn Wildermuth reconstructs using Reflector, and updates SQL Server Monitor, a systray utility which lets you control your MSSQL instances.
  • ReSharper 4.1 is Released – The JetBrains team have been busy, and announce the release of ReSharper 4.1, which improves support for Visual Studio 2008 SP1, gives better ASP.NET experience, adds a few new features, and fixes an impressively large list of bugs. Sounds well worth the download.