Not a huge amount of good content yesterday, so today’s post contains a number of items I actually spotted over the weekend but didn’t make it into yesterday’s edition due to time and space constraints – quite glad I held onto them otherwise today would be rather empty.


  • XAML Power Toys – Karl Shifflett shares his XAML PowerToys, a Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Add-in which generates WPF XAML code (Silverlight support coming soon). It has a number of useful features, a particularly useful one is the Create Business Form which will be familiar to people who used MSAccess, in that it will take a business entity and generate a basic form for that entity. A useful looking tool, especially for me as I start to have a play with WPF.


  • To Bind or Not To Bind – Dynamic Expression Trees – Intermezzo: SOS in Visual Studio – Bart De Smet looks at using SOS the WinDbg extension for managed code through Visual Studio to look at the generated IL of his Dynamic Expression Trees
  • Implementing an identity provider and relying party with Zermatt and ASP.NET MVC – Pablo M. Cibraro looks at creating an identity provider for ASP.NET MVC using the Zermatt framework.
  • Write Your Own Language With ANTLR 3 and the DLR – Huw Collingbourne highlights this series by Dermot Hogan, Chief Architect of the Ruby In Steel IDE, on creating lanuages using the DLR and ANTLR3. The article looks interesting, and might prompt me to have another go at using ANTLR.
  • Domain Driven Design Quickly – InfoQ – Casey Charlton highlights this short Ebook which distils the knowledge in the book ‘Domain Driven Design’ into a shortened form. The Ebook is free and a printed version is available for a small fee. I first saw this a few months back, but upon searching the Brew archive I didn’t find a mention of it, so here it is.
  • The basics of ASP.NET MVC routes (excerpt from ASP.NET MVC in Action) – Jeffrey Palermo shares an extract of the ASP.NET MVC book he is working on. This extract give an intro to Routing.
  • Batching SqlCommand Queries – Davy Brion shares a class that combines multiple SQL statements to allow them to be batched into a single execution on the database server, avoiding the additional cost of the round trips back and forth. Davy also highlights a similar library he created to allow NHibernate to do similar.
  • Hello Prism 2.0! – David Hill talks about what we can expect from the version 2 release of Prism, especially in the area of Silverlight support, outlining the architecture they will be using.
  • SQLServerVideos – Free Videos to Learn Microsoft SQL Server – is a site hosting a number of SQL Server training Videos, currently containing almost 3 hours of content in bite size pieces. The main topic covered is backup so far, but this may be a site to keep an eye on.
  • FireFox 3 and Static File Caching Problems – Rick Strahl talks about recent problems he has been having caused by a change to Firefox’s caching in Firefox 3. Rick explains the problem well, and also outlines a workaround for the problem.
  • Revisiting the onion – Kyle Baley takes a look at the Onion skin architecture model for his upcoming book on brownfield application development.
  • NH Forge – Another new NHibernate resource has been created, NHForge brings together a number of NHibernate resources already in existence into one convenient site.


  • DDD7 – Voting Open – After a very long session submission process, the Developer Developer Developer Day 7 session voting opens. If you are planning on attending DDD7 you really want to get voting to help shape the agenda for this November event.