A little short on content today – it seems everyone is playing with and writing about Google Chrome rather than blogging about .NET!


  • MassTransit 0.3 Released – Chris Patterson announces the release of MassTransit 0.3, a service bus implementation for .NET. Looks like there are a number of significant changes and new features judging by the list in this post.
  • Babel Obfuscator – Alberto Ferrazzoli shows how to use the .NET code obfuscator he has created using the Microsoft Phoenix framework, a framework that helps create compilers, analysers, etc. No source code is available for the tool due to it being a security related tool.


  • JavaScript Performance Rundown – Prompted by the release of Google Chrome, and its new Javascript engine V8, John Resig shares a collection of JavaScript benchmark results for the common browser JavaScript engines.
  • Mock Object Frameworks: NMock, RhinoMock, TypeMock – Mark Michaelis gives a brief review and overview of the significant features of the three most common mocking frameworks. A useful resource if you need to make a decision about which to use
  • Custom Collections with NHibernate, Part IV: Extensions! – Billy McCafferty continues his series on NHibernate compliant collections with part 5, discussing the use of extension methods to improve the way these collections work, allowing them to be more persistence ignorant.
  • MSDN Article on "Prism" went to press – Glenn Block has an article on the new Composite Application Guidance framework published in this month’s MSDN magazine. Links in the article to the web based September Edition.
  • DataTable JSON Serialization in JSON.NET and JavaScriptSerializer – Rick Strahl has modified his added support for JSON.NET into his Ajax Framework, and shares the wrapper functions to do serialisation in JSON.NET. Rick also shows how you can extend both JSON.NET and the JavaScriptSerializer to allow you to serialize DataTables.
  • Opinionated ASP.NET MVC by Joshua Flanagan – Chad Myers highlights two articles by Joshua Flanagan, talking about the work they have been doing in their day job at Dovetail using the ASP.NET MVC
  • BDD style unit test names – Mark Needham talks about his naming convention for tests.
  • Close Encounters: The Making of ANTS Profiler 4 – Bart Read talks about the development of the recently released Ants Profiler 4, and links to a number of articles about features of the product written by both himself and others.


  • Fancy a chance to have Scott Guthrie watch you speak? – ‘Ready Steady Speak" is a community speaking competition which is going to be held at REMIX. The idea of the competition is to encourage new speakers to give a 5 minute talk to get them on the road to giving larger presentations at other events. Best speaker wins an XBox 360