Things seem to be a little quiet, so not a lot to report today…


FastSharp – Write it, Execute it – Matthew Manela shows off his quick code testing utility which allows you to quickly run a few lines of code. This looks like a light weight version of snippet compiler, and I can see it being very useful


Video.Show 1.0 Released to Web – Tim Sneath announces the availability of a Ready to Run solution for creating a video based website.

Computer Measurement Group offers past papers to the public! – Rico Mariani points to lots of freely available performance related papers – there looks to be a lot of interesting information in these, I’ll have to find a bit of time to read a few.

Building an MVP Framework for .NET. Part 3: Designing a Windows Forms Views Engine. – Part three of this series looks at the construction of winforms UI

Project White: Automated UI Testing – Ben Hall goes on a voyage of exploration with Project White for testing Winforms UI

Adventures in F# – F# 101 Part 1 – Matthew Podwysocki starts an introductory series on F# – looks like a good place to start if you havn’t seen much about F# before

ASP.NET MVC Framework Road-Map Update – ScottGu reveals the plans and features of the forthcoming ASP.NET MVC framework preview